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Best way to store weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Telebubbies, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Hey guys. I always have my weed stored in ziplock bags. But after it being stored for like 2 months, it starts molding. Anyone know a better way to store the weed? Can I keep it in the light or in a dark place?

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  2. Get a glass mason jar and store your weed in that bro:smoke:
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  3. Old dresser. Pint wide mouth jars (approx 1 oz)
    Top drawer One of everything. Pop all weekly.
    Middle drawer long term storage. Pop all weekly.
    Bottom drawer Latest. Pop all daily for month or so.
    Every farmer has a silo. This is yours. On Sunday's I feel like Scrooge McDuck swimming in the vault.
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  4. Never seen cannabis mold in a ziplock, but if storing in ziplock in the future make sure the bud is on the dry side, and there is no excess moisture/humidity. In general, mold thrives in areas with excess humidity.

    An appropriately sized airtight glass jar in a cool dark place is the gold standard for cannabis storage.

    Buds that haven't been in a jar for a while may 'sweat' when jarred and release some excess humidity, so your buds may appear slightly damp after a day or two in the jar, and it is important to periodically open the jars to release any of this trapped humidity. Storing your weed in a jar and keeping the humidity in check can actually make your weed better through some extra curing. often times, weed sold on the street could use a bit of additional curing.
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  5. You posted in the the stash "jar" forum. Maybe read what I just said a second time. Now you have your answer :)
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  6. Would a plastic jar do? Or do I need a glass jar?
  7. A glass jar buddy. A glass jar.
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  8. Glass mason jar bro! Period!!
  9. You definitely need a glass jar. It's real airtight, not like like in a bag you can smell the weed tru it. But you can't in an airtight jar.
    My brother claims his weed gets moist in winter. Been smoking it 10+ years and still won't bother to go in the kitchen supply store to pick one up!
  10. I use a UV jar from 420science
  11. Best way to store weed is in space. perfect vacuum, man.:RoorRip:

    Or you can use a silly earth coffee tin.
  12. I don't ever have much past a q since I don't need more I put mine in a premixed Similac formula bottle aluminum twist lid shits air tight and I've noticed it does keep it fresher and it smells way better towards the end than when I first buy
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