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Best Way to Store Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Toker., Aug 31, 2012.

  1. If I grind up some weed and store it in a small solid plastic jar, will the THC deteriorate significantly faster than keeping solid buds in the baggy?

    It's just easier having some already ground up...
  2. Yes. It's better to keep it in nug form.
  3. i don't think it matters, but i'd personally just keep it in nug form

    you never know when you'd prefer having a nug, and you can't turn grinded shit back into a nug

    nugs are good for showing off and selling, and also there's really no difference if you spend the few mins to pick apart your nug into small pieces for a bowl
  4. Nug in a pill bottle.
  5. Grinding weed is not really the best way to preserve the trichomes anyway, I prefer my nugs, but I do grind my bud before I smoke da bong..much more even, personal pref's still gonna get u high :bongin:
  6. It will barely lose anything if you keep it in glass other then losing some trichs in grinder. Fuck plastic get glass jars. If I needed some grounded up I would but I just pack a bowl, don't use much papers.
  7. I always keep it in nug form. But, i'm starting to think about doing 50/50 from now on, just in case one day i'm in a rush and just need to pack a bowl fast.
  8. It's best if it's kept in nug form in glass jars. The stems keep a lot of the moisture and keeps the leafy stuff not dry. I usually keep a pill bottle that has ground up buds for like 3 or 4 bowls. :D
  9. I keep mine in a dark plastic vacuum canister. Works great to keep it moist. I keep most of my stash as buds but do keep some shake for an easy access.
  10. don't grind up the bud until right before your ready to use it. also keep it in an air tight mason jar. I got a 10 pack for like 5 bucks at walmart.
  11. I pregrind my bud months ahead of time.

    Usually 4 weeks worth of bud at a time.

    I don't know why you guys think it makes it worse all it does is take off the extra loose trichromes and put them at the bottom of my kief collector.

    No potency lost, I find that it cures better too.
  12. keep it in nug form/in a glass jar/tight fitting lid

    /end thread
  13. I use an airtight safe easy to access and hard for people to break into. It also keeps it fresh and and stores moisture
  14. I just get it from the dealer in a bag and stuff it in the back of my closet... is there any other way? haha

    When i move out i'm just gonna keep huge stashes in big jars in my apartment.


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