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Best way to smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by online_doper, Nov 23, 2002.

  1. Is there a best way to smoke?

    Here is what I have thought about:

    Joints: Alot of weed is burnt that you dont smoke
    Bowls: Smoke through one, a week later, even White Widow tastes like ass.
    Bongs: THC is filtered through the water so you dont get as much.

    Is their a method that is all around the best or is it just a user thing?
  2. allright...

    #1 joints dont waste weed..the stuff that your not smoking has allready been burnt up by the previous hit so the shit that burns between hits is just that..shit so that doesnt waste anything.

    #2 bowls...if your thinkin that even white widow would taste like ass from a weeks worth of smokin weed you either need to clean your pipe, or learn to appreciate the taste of weed.

    #3....THC isnt water soluble...THC IS alchohol and fat soluble...water in bongs filters out BAD shit and BAD shit only...

    i hope this has educated you.
  3. lmao... yes... a bowl after a week of smoking the schwagiest schwags in the bowl will make white widow taste like shit... if you smoke a lot of danks in that bowl you won't have this problem :) if you don't wanna worry about cleaning the bowl all the time and don't have the loot for a lot of dank... may i suggest a blunt? :D
  4. i dont think a large amount of potheads are concerned with health when hotboxing a vehicle/room/tent...
  5. It's kinda funny reading about trying to smoke every last bit of thc possible. The stuff you might lose during a water filtered bonghit is insignificant when compared to the stuff you don't lose. From 5 bonghits, you can probably make up everything you lost with those 5 bonghits with a 6th bonghit. Even though you also lose parts of the 6th bonghit, think of it as extra curricular activity. Is it really worth trying to get those few molecules of thc when you could just smoke a charity load to mkae up for it? Weed isn't going to be extinct any time soon, so I wouldn't worry about trying to preserve the parts that get away. Of course you want to have an efficient smoke, but not at the expense of your enjoyment. If you like taking bonghits, and someone mentions to you that joint-smoking is more efficient, but you don't like smoking joints because the smoke from the paper irritates your throat, then stick with the bonghits. However, if there is a method that would make your bongsmoking more efficient, you should be all over that. I just wouldn't let efficiency alone be the deciding factor in how I toke my smoke. Long story short, enjoy your bag of dope, and when it runs out? Buy another. Thanks.

  6. 1) joints: if you use hemp papers, they burn so slow you'll wish the joint was gone halfway through it coz you're so ripped :D. i'm an ex tobacco smoker, so this helps ease my "sucking on a stick filled with smokables" cravings. i love the time it takes to roll joints, i love the time it takes to smoke one, particularly to the head. i love joints!

    2) bowls: bowls are only good if they're glass. metal, wood, i can't handle the way they change the taste of the weed. i'm a glass addict, and i love all my pieces. these are good for concerts, or tokin' on-the-go. also excellent for when friends come over, as they're not huge bud-burners like bubblers/bongs.

    3) bongs: what can i say. i used to be a pipe-lover, until i got a tiny bong. i have asthma so can't take rips out of the 2-footer. my teeny bong is perfect. only drawback: it gets knocked over by the cat. burns weed a bit faster than other methods, but definitely worth the monster hits.

    4) bubbler:(I HAD TO ADD!) all the benefits of a bong packed into the shape of a pipe. i love(d) my bubbler until i realized i can't clean it out. the "bubble" part of my bubbler is filled with ash and leaves that got sucked through, and try as i might, they won't come out. bubbler is no longer in action :(

    5) knives: way too complicated for me, even w/ hash i am usually too high to do the whole hand-eye coordination thing right! :D

    i love joints the best though, they're fun for all, and to me nothing beats a nice phat joint on a cold winter evening.


  7. how filled is it? if you can get fluids in it i'd suggest filling it with something acidic like vinegar (maybe bleach or nail polish remover?)... then let it set for as long as it takes to dissolve the ash and such (you can empty and refill as many times as needed)... it'll probably take a while... but it could work. just be sure to clean it out very well afterwards if ya use stronger chemicles. it's a lot of work, but if it works it'll be worth it :D

  8. wow i hadn't even thought of that. it's not filled to the top, but it's got a good collection of clumpage going on. i'll try that out, thanks for the tip! i'll try the vinegar, bleach makes me wary. i am patient. i've been waiting for it to "dry out" but it just isn't working. thank you thank you thank you! :D
  9. you're very welcome :D
  10. cost too much money.
    dont want to see pipe again.
    they look like my poop
  11. my opinion man,
    they are very ugly to me
    they are too costly
  12. i think since it is alcohol soluble, i doubt using liquor as bong water would be any helpful. Never tried though.
  13. no worries my friend
    i was quite elevated
    cant think of last line
  14. I have a corn cob pipe, now thats a nice smoke, corn cob actually enhances the flavour of the weed, puts a nice hint of sweetness in there. As for cleaning out the bubbler, it might be messy but if you were to get some water in there and then blow on the pipe the resulting pressure should blast most of the junk out of there, just make sure you wrap a plastic bag around the other side to catch the mess. The only risk is if it's thin glass and the gunk is really packed in there then it might break the pipe.... but if it's not working right now then no big loss I suppose

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