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Best way to smoke kief without weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Batmanchu, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. I'm totally dry, but have a dickload of kief in my grinder. Also, I ain't got screens or anything, and as a result, my kief would fall right into my bubbler water, and that's just a waste. I was thinking I could maybe tear a piece off a rolling paper, wrap the kief in that, and smoke it that way?

    Any better ideas?

    I would just make some shoe hash, but it's like cold as shit and snowing, so I sure as hell ain't walking around outside.
  2. I think that would work perfectly especially if you have RAW's, but any paper would do? But your guess is as good as mine, i would definitely go for it. and even more so if you had some BHO or oil to put on the paper aswell :eek:. Enjoy man! :smoke:
  3. it build a gravity bong and try to scrounge up some weed particles or tobacco to put in there so I could put the kief on top of it. that would work perfectly assuming you have any experience witha GB.
  4. Use tin foil and prick some holes in it
  5. ^not that way.

    Press hash, make concentrates or use papers (preferably raw organic) are your best options.
  6. Just use tin foil. It is easy. Just put the foil over a flame before so you kind of burn it a little
  7. Why?

    You don't have a stem or something you can use as a screen? Hell a rocks preferable to tin foil.
  8. ^yep find a small pebble to put on the bottom of ur bowl
  9. Tin foil is terrible to smoke, why would you suggest that? :confused:

  10. You can't heat tin foil enough for it to release anything harmful, lighters only heat it to around 2200 and it takes 4000+. Perfectly fine.
  11. MFLB is the best way IMO
  12. This is some crackhead shit, but put about a quarter sized pile of kief in the middle of parchment paper. Fold it up nice so it's compact then run it under a hot iron for just a couple second (6-10).

    Unfold your parchment paper pocket and peel the kief sheet out. After that, I usually just pick pieces of the kief and ball them up, toss 'em in the bowl, then get to bongin'.

    FYI: Not a quarter ounce of kief but about the size of an actual quarter...
  13. ingredients- hash or keif that will be made into hash
    plastic bottle that you dont need anymore
    2 butter knives
    electric griddle,stove,ect... (I suppose any form of heat will work just dont light that hash boy)
    at least 1 friend if youve never done this before
    a toothpick or skewer or something long and pointy and skinny like a needle or something

    1.make hash (find directions of GC or youtube if you dont know how already, I'm assuming you dont)
    2.cut the bottom of your plastic bottle,hold the bottle in your mouth from the part where you drink from
    3.heat the butter knives until they're really hot, like red hot
    4.have your friend apply the hash by poking it with the needle and put it in between the hot part of the knives
    5.Hold the knives together and let the smoke fill the bottle that you're holding with you're mouth
    6.once its filled up with smoke, breath as deep as you can
    7.dont be dick, let your friend smoke some too.
  14. Make a simple form of hash. Put all of your tish evenly across a piece of wax paper or partridge paper . just fold the edge of the paper over top of it and flatten it with your grinder step on it and shit. put a small amout of water on the paper and on the compressed tish then just put it in your oven on convection not sure the certain heat but me and my mates have done it before

  15. You aren't smoking the tin foil. Do you know how hot tin foil has to get to burn/smoke/melt? A hell of a lot hotter than your Bic lighter is getting it
  16. Rolling it up sounds good. Try spinkling it over some loud

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