Best way to sex plants with one growbox

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    Does anyone have experience with putting plants in 12/12 to sex and then re-vegging? I would love to hear from you. Also when I TOP my plants could I use that top as a clone to sex and how big would it have to be and would that take forever etc. any help would be appreciated

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  2. How to best sex them? With your penis...

    I reckon the top might be a bit small to use as a clone. I usually LST until I get something I can clone, then flower that sucka while leaving the plant in veg.

    Or you can.let em go until they get some preflowers on 'em. Should be around 6-8 weeks. I wouldn't recommend it if you have limited space.

    And I've never liked the throw to 12/12 then reveg method. Stresses the plant too much IMO.
  3. Thanks! And yeah I don't like the idea of the light schedule method either for the same reason. I guess my real question is how long can I keep them
    In the solo cups. I dont wanna be repotting potential males to bigger pots. And I'm gonna have like 12 going maybe even more. My growbox is set up for 2 plants maybe 4 smaller plants. Can I veg in solo cups long enough to get clones from each? I'm thinking there's no way to do this without a second growbox anyway. So I'm gonna have to come up with something

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  4. I'll try the penis method....

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  5. Honestly man, its downright difficult to deal with clones when you only have 1 small grow chamber. I have 3 in one room, each doing its own thing and I don't even have enough space I feel.

    Your plants are gonna get rootbound way before they'll show ya their sex in solo cups... Are you growing bagseed? I reckon 12 will get crowded pretty quickly.

    Think about autos or feminized seeds next go around, it'll save ya a good amount of hassle.
  6. Next one prob. But for now I gotta figure this out. Maybe it'll figure itself out for me. As far as which look
    Healthy. I'm trying to speed up a bagseed grow but I guess that's pretty hard to do without multiple set ups

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  7. I'd browse around the micro grow section. You'll probably find someone in there who had the same issues you're having and dealt with it in a better way than I could think of...
  8. Thanks dude! I'll try that.

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