Best way to route Duct work with various equipment.

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  1. Basically setting up something for someone. I took it on cause i was up for a challenge.

    Basically I wanted to see what was the best way to run the duct work using:

    6" air cooled reflector , In and out ports
    CFM fan
    carbon filter (in and out ports)

    * thinking CFM fan (sucking air from inside the tent), carbon filter, in port than out port to in port of reflector then out port of reflector and maybe cycle it back into the tent
  2. If you cycle the air back into the tent you will begin dealing with heat issues. I would have your fan inside the tent blowing outside of it with the carbon filter attached. Have ducting going from your reflector to your fan then out of the tent. I hope that makes sense
  3. i think i understand, here i did this on paint to get a rough idea, see if were on the same page ive attached a pic
  4. Yeah, that looks good but I think the filter should be on the other side of the fan. Also, make sure you have a good supply of fresh air getting to the plants. Have some circulating fans going and maybe an intake
  5. of course, need those strong stems lol
  6. i went to setup like u guys mentioned, when i looked at the filter i got confused one end is open and the other is closed with 3 holes,
  7. You want the least amount of bending in ducts as possible...
  8. a 30 degree bend cuts air flow by 20 to 30 %.... maybe more ... so imagine a 90
  9. the pic was just a sample the bends wont be that sharp. my question was about the can filter
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    is the hood sealed in the pic???
    on my tent i made two carbon filters and have them pulling air with little comp cooling fan.... and its a descent set up ... i dont even have my ducting on the filters and they worked just fine 8)... i just have my light pulling air from outside and pushing it staight back out... sealed though....and my filters pullin air from grow room ....
    ill try to take pics if u want ....
    mines just a cheap DIY set up but works well... not the best im sure though lol
  11. yes its the yeild master 6" classic, pics are great im just confused cause someone told me to setup like the pic above, so i got a flange to attach the fan to the filter, but they told me to run the other side of the filter to the hood and out the tent, the other side of filter isnt open is this normal.

    also im i suppose to be sucking air into the tent or out of the tent. if its out of the tent, how would this setup work, sucking air out of the tent and cooling the hood at the same time

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