Best way to reuse vaporized weed

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  1. hi again,

    i was hoping somebody could point me to wherever the discussion is on reusing vaporized product (weed). i suspect that has been covered in detail somewhere here but i havent found it so far

    thanks a bag, err bunch
  2. use butane to extract everything out or cook with it.
  3. I've always made butter with it the same way you would with regular ganja(just use more, maybe twice as much). Boil water with usalted butter, add weed, simmer for 6-8 hours, freeze in some sort of plastic tub. You will have ganja butter on top and frozen, dirty ass water on the bottom. Substitute ganja butter into any recipe that calls for butter. I usually make cookies.
  4. brownies, everclear tinctures, hash, +more

    check out for how-tos
  5. Blow it into a girl's vagina and make her queef smoke.
  6. Edibles!!


  7. Hmm... yeah. no... don't think girls would like that if guys did that to them. LOL

    make QWISO..nuff said.
  8. if its only been vaped ones..i grind it finer so more surface area is exposed and i run it through again until i stop getting desired effects. after that i just toss it.

    BHO&QWISO&FIRECRACKERS are all a great idea if you are using dank/high quality buds..if your using mids its going to take a larger quantity to get anything worth the labor involved.

    I sometimes smoked vaped buds, if im low or i just want a bong hit or smoke tricks. taste isn't exactly wonderful but you will get high or at least a decent buzz.

    You can also sprinkle it on your food, I've tried it personally make sure you mix it in really well and whatever your eating has a very strong flavor..already vaped buds can taste like dirt depending on how they've been vaped.

    You can make Green dragon(if your buds are still green) or swamp water (if your buds are light brown to dark)

    If you have a large amount of vaped buds and you don't mind cooking/or smell make a big batch of potent brownies. theres some good recipes in the incredible edibles forum and a couple on youtube.

    just remember the more you vape your buds the less potent they become.

    Good luck sir.
  9. Get some chronic, vape it, then resell it as mids! :D
  10. I keep re-vaping until it's completely spent.
  11. I find the easiest way to enjoy it is to fill a shot glass with vaped bud and make a shot. Use high-proof (at least 80 proof or 40% alcohol) spirits, just top off the shot glass and make sure to stir it a little to get any bubbles out. Let it sit for an hour or so, the longer the better, strain it through a coffee filter or something, and voila, fairly disgusting but fairly potent weed extract. Great night cap... more a giggly downer high than anything. Easier than any other sort of extraction I know of, worked for me multiple times. Mix with juice or cider or something so it doesn't taste like asshole.

    Also scrape the resin from your whip if you have that kind of vape.... cutting off a straw at an angle works best. Stuff's like oil... sooooo good great high even with high tolerance.
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  12. Definitely QWISO.

    Once I have an ounce or more (vaped weight, not fresh) of duff and stemss, they go into the coffee grinder. This generally breaks down the stems and any bigger chunks of duff that didn't get ground up before/during vaping. This will also pulverize any larger trichomes that didn't evaporate or break down during vaping.

    The ground duff and stem go into a french press, and I add 90+% ISO. I do a 2 minute soak, swirling the mixture the whole time. I then use the french press to push the ground material to the bottom, and pour off the ISO (which contains some suspended trichome fragments, but most of the cannabinoids are being extracted in the ISO rather than floating the trichomes).

    Remember -- we're not trying to do a clean THC extraction. This is swamp hash, and most of the THC has already been cooked off, especially if you're a high-temp vaper like me. What we're extracting here are all of the other cannabinoids, the so-called "high boilers" like CBD, that are reputed to give a "body stone."

    I repeat this two more times, performing a total of three washes. This all goes into a large flat-bottom pyrex dish (my brownie pan!), and is evaporated under an incandescent lamp with good ventilation and a screen covering the dish to keep out dust, stray dog hair, and whatever else is probably floating around the air in my house.

    The amount of ISO is up to you... the more you use, the longer it'll take to evaporate. If you use too little, you can't actually dissolve all of the cannabinoids out of the duff. I generally err on too much, as it can't really hurt.

    As it evaporates, I use small amounts of iso to wash any residue off the sides and back into the main pool of ISO. Once the material has reduced and thickened enough that it can fit into a smaller 1-cup Rubbermaid container, I transfer it. The plastic container is much, much easier to scrape later, as the residues don't stick very well to the material.

    I then continue evaporating under the lamp with the screen covering until all of the ISO is thoroughly evaporated. You should be able to take the cup of warm hash powder, hold it directly under your nose, breathe in deeply, and not have the faintest odor of alcohol. Let it evaporate until you think it's done, then give it another four hours.

    At this point, when you're completely sure that any liquid left is hash oil, scrape up all of the powder and as much of the oil as possible, and mash it into your pollen press.

    After pressing, your swamp hash will likely give off some amount of thick, sticky hash oil. This can be hard to collect, and often oozes around the very thin clearance of press. Be prepared to capture it in some way.

    I like to try to just catch it all in the caps of the press and on the parts, which go into another short ISO wash to do a hash oil impregnated rolling paper, as seen
    in this thread
    with oldskoolgrower, (my variation on the technique is described later in the thread).

    Now you should have a nice pile of dark brown swamp hash that'll smoke with a rich, thick flavor and give you a nice body numbness. The oiled papers give you thick, hashy hits from your joints. Add in some nimbus clouds from the vape and you're well on your way to your next round of swamp hash. :smoking:

  13. holy frijoles those are some grrEAT answers. im going to try the vagina one without weed and i have to do some research to decode the last one, but they are all awesome replies!
  14. Burningbudz I love your sig that mcdonalds bong makes me laugh everytime

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