Best Way To Reduce SMELL!!!!

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  1. HI, I live in a duplex and I want to reduce smell but I'm not sure how to. I'm not venting outside it is just a closest grow with a fan DO I HAVE TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT THE NEGIBORS??
  2. Charcoal filter with fan scrubbing the air.
    Charcoal filter with fan exhausting the air
    Konk Sprays
  3. I'm not venting outside im just in my closet in my room how bad will it get????
  4. Pretty bad if you dont use anything at all, especially without ventilation.
  5. I have a "friend" who is growing in a closet in his room and he is using a combination of things to keep odor under control.

    He uses this filter, not in the actual closet but in the room that the closet is in.

    He uses odor blocks from damprid. They absorb odor and have a layer of carbon in the odor block as well.

    put one odor block in the closet itself....put one odor block in the bedroom....and when run the carbon filter w/ the bedroom door closed up for 30-60 minutes and there is no odor. If you have the closet door open for ventilation during lights on there will be odor unless you constantly run the filter.......

    If you cannot vent outside this is a good way to go.
  6. Carbon filter like the one I built in my SIG will work for you. If you do not use anything at all you will be smelling that shit a throughout the entire house MAD....
  7. You are not venting outside ? but you are bringing in fresh air right ?

    Carbon scrub it like everyone been saying or atleast put a ozone machine on a timer
    and have it run for a few minutes every hour, anymore than that might burn your plants.
  8. No I open the closet door for fresh air and have a fan on going 24/7 I'm not concerned about my house smelling i don't want the smell to seap through the walls in to there place. Would boxes of baking soda work? And where could I go and buy an air scrubber Lowe's or Home depot?

  9. You should be worried about your smells, thats all the evidence the police would need to conduct a search. Baking soda will not work.... you can't buy a scrubber from depot or lowes. Try a hydroponics store, or look online for instructions on how to make one. you can buy most of the materials from depot or lowes.

    Another good thing to try is ONA gel, it will mask your smells. its good stuff and will work without having to build anything.
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    Baking soda won't work, paper towel tubes stuffed with dryer sheets won't work, incense won't work, etc etc.

    What will work? A carbon scrubber, ozone generator, ONA gel. I have no experience with either the ozone gennie or the ONA gel, but other people seem to have favorible results.

    In my opinion, for a grow in an urban area, smell should be one of the most important factors in your grow. It can literally be the difference between a grow that ends with buds, and a grow that ends with bars. Don't mess around when it comes to your smell.

    If you're just growing in a closet, it may be a bit tricky to rig up a carbon scrubber. If possible, it may benefit you to rig up some kind of cabinet within your closet. Be it a completely seperate box, or something as simple as a door behind the closet door. This way you could easily drill intake and exhaust holes in the door you put up. Intake at the bottom, exhause at the top.

    The reason for that is so you have a controlled exhaust of the air from your grow. You can easily pass that air through a carbon scrubber, removing the oh so obvious smell of marijuana.

    If you don't want to do that, an ozone generator in the room the closet is in may work. I think I've read a bit that this can damage the plants, I'm not sure. I have zero experience with these - do your research if this is something you're interested in.

    Some people love ONA gel. Again it is something I've never used, so I can't offer any advice with this.

    If it were me, I'd try and build either a box or a door I could seal up within my closet, so I can control the intake and exhaust of air. I'd then put a carbon scrubber on the exhaust.

    EDIT: Just as an example. I have 3 small plants in a little cab that is about 3.5'x2'x4'. All three plants are in veg still. With the doors closed, all I can smell in my apartment is the food cooking from the restaurants around my home. When I open the cab doors, it takes about 15 minutes for my home to smell like weed. Carbon scrubbers are freakin awesome.

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