Best way to make Annies (urgent)

Discussion in 'General' started by TheCruz831, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. I'm either gonna sprinkle it over the cooked noodles or mix it with the milk and butter then pour the noodles in. Which one should I do?
  2. Put the cooked noodles back in the pot after you strain them, add the powder, milk, butter, and crushed red pepper.
  3. Oh lawd

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  4. I did that method. Chili powder though, and no crushed red pepper.
    It was bomb diggity. I added a little bitta catsup. Now I'm thinking maybe I'll try some Heinz 57 next time. Could be good.
    Both methods of making it are good. Powder over noodles then milk, butter, is good but less consistent. Chunks of powder in the occasional shell, which I really like. With the other one, the one that the Annie's box says nowadays, creating cheese sauce in the saucepan, then pouring the noodles in, that one is more consistent. Good, but a little less intense. Ketchup definitely intensifies the sharp taste though. Very good.

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