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best way to keep weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chas2092, Sep 27, 2010.

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  1. is there a good place to keep my weed so that it doesnt dry out to much? ive heared the fridge?
  2. mason jars. you can find them at Michaels for like 1.75 in all sizes they have a two piece lid and are air tight.

    dark place. doesnt really have to be cold but you def dont want hot temp like maybe your garage in the summer time.

    if your trying to save like oz's for months at a time i think you can freeze them but i dont know how it affects things
  3. mason jars all the way.
  4. I have these glass tubes with a cork that are for cigars but I use em for bud. they work great. anything air tight is good though
  5. Mason Jars or I like to use jelly jars/cork-top jars. It keeps the air all in one place. Then if the weed starts drying out (really unlikely) you can put a lemon slice in until it's moist again.
  6. mason jars work great but i put my stash in a humidor with my cigars...i think it works better than the mason jar and you can get one online for mad cheap. :smoking:
  7. i find that after a while the bag dries out the bud, but thats just from what ive seen, maybe you use different bags!
  8. The fridge is supposed to be a great spot to preserve the freshness of weed. I`ve heard of people storing cigars in the freezer to preserve them also, so it might work the same on pot.

    I usually buy in small quantities so I don`t really have a problem with holding on to it for long periods of time. (More than two days.)

    A bag does not work. It dries up really easily and makes it all crumbly and lame.
  9. I don't mean to steal your thread but I was wondering if pill bottles are air tight? And if so, are they a good spot to keep weed?
  10. ive kept my weed in pills bottles, i like them, the bud doesnt dry out as much as bags. they are smell proof and easy to stash away. pill bottles are good and better then some containers, but jars are still the best
  11. what about the vacu-tainer? i use mason jars but have seen the aforementioned and they look pretty cool. do they work?
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