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  1. ne suggestions on the best way to ingest shrooms?
  2. oke i have tried this a few differnt ways....... this is by far the best ... you wont even taste them !!! wear a pair of cargo pants .... then put your bag of shrooms in your cargo packet and leave your bag of shrooms open so u can reach in your pocket and pull out some shrooms when you want .... then go into a pizza place where you can sit down and enjoy your meal.... once you have your pizze let it cool off like normal and take out 1 cap ... and put it on the pizza were u r going to take a bit ... and chew that piece/cap up and take a drink. Then grab a stem and do it... put it on the next bit ... make sure you do this real good so no one sees you putting shrooms on your pizza ... make sure you don't eat to many of the shrooms and share with you friends .... (those things will creep up on sometimes) i did that one time and it was one of the best trips ever ... because once you eat them you eat the whole pizza and some time goes by ... and you are all relaxed and stuff... then you get in your car and drive to the best smoking spot available is ... then you park and sit there for a long time while you start to feel the shrooms and smoke alot of weed !!! you be fine !! if you try it let me kno what happens ;p
  3. If by best you mean the most efficient, I'd grind my mushrooms up and eat them that way with some juice. The trip kicks in quicker and you will trip a little harder.

  4. Slurpee you have a good idea, but I used to always just "nut it up" and chew them bastards straight, and gulp alot of water. Usually was pretty stoned to be able to do that, but I just couldn't ever eat food with them, it would make me gag (go figure).

    I remember being at a friend's house and my friend and I just sitting on the couch taking caps and stems from our baggies as if we were munchin on chips, and in come our unsuspecting friends who go "oh, can I have one?"
    "Uh, they're shrooms, man..."
    "Oh... Can I have one?"


    Have a nice trip! Man I haven't been able to get those in awhile :/
  5. Ive heard about people making tea with them. But ive always just ate them straight. That grinding them up and juice thing sounds interesting though.

    now if i could get some

  6. Just reading that you gag...made me gag ganjaphish!

    When I lived up north, we got super freezedried shrooms. So we would mix them up with peanut butter and eat these PB balls with crackers.

    When I got down south...the suckers were fresh, fresh, fresh!
    So I would just chew the up. Then somebody introduced me to the shroom tea or shroom kool-aid. That's where they boil the shrooms down and add the liquid to the tea/kool-aid? Search for the recipe cause I have never made it personally, and the serving size is a small dixie you put in the bathroom dispenser.

    Either way I still gag sometimes.
  7. Mushrooms are by far my drug of choice, except for the hideous taste. What I do is put the shrooms in a zip loc bag, crush them up, then but the shake on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. God knows why, but you will not taste a thing, and belive me I've pilled the shake pretty high, for some reason the pb & j maskes the taste perfectly.
  8. i used to live on a catfish farm
    nextstore to my house the shrooms
    grow plentyful
    iv eaten them raw
    drank them mixed
    even boiled a cupple in a coffe cup
    in the microwave for brakfast

    we never cared about the taste
    but the most fuct i ever got
    was when we boiled about 25 med caps
    until the water was almost gone
    fill the pan with a littel more water
    and boil some more until the water is almost gone again
    do this three times
    then we poured this into a 2 letter bottle
    when you put the mushy pieces in strain them into the jug
    first the more you skwezee the better
    every one drank one 32oz cup
    there was one left over

    so i drank my second 32oz cup

    it was a night to remember
  9. ps

    if you have free acsess to them

    dry some out and mix with your bud

    smoking them is not as intence
    but it is an interesting boost to your weed
  10. High school was named appropriately. I can get any drug there.
  11. Don't be a pussy, just insert, chew, swallow, trip ;)

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