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Best way to hotbox?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dembonez, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. What's the best way to hotbox? A joint or blunt? I'm looking to hotbox a bathroom :p

    What's your favorite way to do it?
  2. is not really the method is the volume
  3. [ame=]DUMBFOUNDEAD - GREEN - YouTube[/ame]
  4. favourite way to do it is smoke as much weed as I can in a short amount of time in my car while I listen to music :)
  5. A blunt will be super smokey. I've hotboxed cars with blunts. My eyes will burn like half way through. Now THAT'S a hotbox.
  6. Blunts are the best for hotboxing
  7. blunts.
  8. Hsha sweet! Thanks everyone who answered =p
    We used two joints at once lmao

  9. that will do the trick
  10. Last time I hotboxed it was 2 blunts between 4 ppl. Pretty crazy, don't do it if you have somewhere to go afterwards because your clothes will hold the aroma. That or wear a tear away track suit lol
  11. What i do is bring my car in the garage then hotbox my car in the garage with a blunt or joint
  12. In the privacy of your home prefereably. But if you wanna smoke your car out, I would say the only logical way to do it is on your property, hidden from the road and neighbors.

    Driving around with a car full of smoke? Sounds like a terrible idea... It's easy enough to get pulled over and caught smoking even if no one smells or sees smoke or even sees you hitting the joint/piece.

    You are literally exposing yourself and just hopeing a cop isn't close enough to see. I'd rather not leave a ticket (or in my state, a fucking nightmare of an ordeal) in the hands of luck.

    Hotbox somewhere safe kids, and if you are going to drive and smoke, at least try not to completely give yourself away.
  13. hookah in the middle of a car with 4 people and blunts passing!!!
  14. Aw, lame. OP already did it.

    Back in the day we would 'hawaiian' hotbox a bathroom. This basically meant cranking the shower on its hottest setting while we smoked. Worked like a sauna. Was a lot of fun, and slightly homoerotic.
  15. Camera tripod + heavy blanket
  16. why do people like to hotbox so much? id rather have my windows down, the smell is gone in 20 minutes then. is there a reason?
  17. [quote name='"awdcivic"']why do people like to hotbox so much? id rather have my windows down, the smell is gone in 20 minutes then. is there a reason?[/quote]

    The point is to keep the smoke in one area so that none of it gets wasted even when you exhale.
  18. multiple joints gets it smoky real quick it starts to get nauseating if u do it with alot of blunts.stick with herb no tobaccco wen hotboxing
  19. Smoke in a tiny room with no vents or ways for the smoke to get out?

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