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Best way to hide the smell in an apartment.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by beamabrian, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. What method do you guys use to hide the mary jane smell in your apartment so that it doesnt leak out into the hallway. Im a new tenant in a apartment complex and they have strict anti-drug policies and they put a warning letter that mgmt has smelled a strong odor of mj. I was just wondering what items work best!


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  2. wrong sub-forum for this post.
    1) the infamous "blowie"- dryer sheets +/ paper towels stuffed into a paper towel tube. you exhale, not inhale.
    2)cig after masks the smell somewhat. depends if you smoke and the apartment allows it.
    3)if neighbors sent in a complaint then block the bottom of your door with some bedding. what i would do when i was a kid. it worked fine
    4) open a damn window and use some febreeze.
    5) cook some indian food. your neighbors wont be able to breathe, or use their nose for a week
    only ideas i can think of 
  3. Lol at number 5. I had a neighbor like that big would be checking my mailbox and could smell that shit.
  4. I used a sploof (dryer sheets in tube) when I cared about smell. Now about once a week I'll spray Ozium around my Apt and the smell is gone. Also buy some candles or nice smelling insence that will help out in a multitude of ways.
  5. The most effective, logical answer to your question is......SMOKE AWAY FROM THE APT BUILDING!!!! If you insist on smoking indoors, and you have more than one room, then a reverse fan in the window might work. It just takes all the relaxation out of the sesh when you have to wrap yourself around a freekin window to smoke.
  6. Perfect im gonna try the toilet paper trick

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  7. Get a decent Vape or smoke outside.
  8. Buy an $800.00 vape and join the vape revolution.
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    ^ no. 
    You don't have to spend 800 for a vape. You can get a nice quality vaporizer without spending more than 200
  10. Get the Herbalizer.  The Herbalizer costs $729.00
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    There are several good desktop vapes for way under $800 no need for a Cano. I have an EQ and it has served me quite well.
    Smoke outside or buy a vape. Is it really worth getting evicted?
  13. Where can I get one?

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    Vapes are sweet...BUT, there's nothing like burnin one...take a walk...or just buy a big ass ozone generator...can get em cheap on ebay...but don't let it run too long...those free radicals will eventually mutate your chromosomes...unless you want your gorlfriend to have that third tit...right in the middle...or two cocks, one above the other..she might like that...
  15. weird....what floor do you live on?
  16. First

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  17. Headshops, many online dealers. Check out the Vaporizer section right here on GC  (scroll down the main forum page you will find it). But don't go totally cheap you get what you pay for. Also go for a digital one so you can dial in your temps for optimal vaping.
  18. check out puffitup or vapeworld
    If they've already warned you and their policies are "strict" like you said chances are they could evict you or even call the cops on you again if there's a smell complaint.  At this point it's not worth it to smoke in your apartment....
  20. Well they warned the building not our apt in general but i kno only like one other couple that blazes in our complex. Wouldnt they need proof anyway?

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