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Best way to get smell outta car?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chunk639, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hello everybody, I was wondering what is the best / fastest way to get the pot smell outta your car right after you smoke inside of it. :smoke:
  2. its guna be pretty hard if you hotbox, but at the gas stations by my house they sell this stuff called blunt block at circle k, takes the smell out fast. other then that just keep the windows down and spray shit in it whenever you get out so when you get back in you can tell if it still smells like pot. if it does keep doing that till its gone
  3. Try to keep your windows down a tiny bit during smoking, it helps a lot. After you smoke, roll the windows down and drive around a bit. Spray something nice in there, and the smell should be minimal.
  4. Roll down your windows and go for a cruise; light up a few ciggys; spray some spray, and you're set.
  5. Alright, all sounds good so far, any other suggestions?
  6. burn until you cant smell no more
  7. 1. Use windex on the inside of your windows, when you smoke in your car it can leave a filmy layer on your windows.
    2. Vacuum your interior. If you don't have leather or leather-like seats this is a must.
    3. Use a deodorizer spray that will remove odor, not a spray that will just mask it.
    4. Leave your windows open when its parked to air it out.
    5. Go for a cruise on the highway with the windows down.
  8. ^^windows down. sprays and that will cover up the smell more than get rid of it. open a window or two in the front and in the back so the air will keep flowing through it.:smoke:
  9. vacuum then fubreeze. cheap and good
  10. yeah dunno what your situation is but i just hotbox

    and if i cant either post up outside the car or ride around with the widows down sunroof back

    febreeze , ridin around , air freshener <--- all those that the blades already said should be enough to do the job
  11. find a flavor of incense you like otherwise the smell is quite hard to get out
  12. I usually smoke a cigarette and then use an air freshener called Ozium that is by far the best at eliminating smoke smell.
  13. For future reference like someone else said having the windows cracked really goes a long way with preventing a smell from developing. I also spray febreeze for safe measure and I always make sure to keep it in my car.
  14. windows down and fabreeze fabric refresher/air deodorizer. Bud smell doesnt tend to stick though.
  15. This shit called ozium is amazing. Theres some called new car smell. It takes the smell away in like 3 small ass spritzes. And it legit leaves your car smelling like a car interior. I smoked 2 joints in my moms car one time, sprayed ozium, and she got in the car an hour later. She could still smell the burning paper smell but not weed (she thought it was a cigarette). I can say with 99% certainty that if i was smoking a bowl she wouldnt know.
  16. what has always got the smell out for me is keeping the windows cracked a little. also I put a car air freshner (the ones you hang from the mirror) and put it where heat comes out and turn the heat up high this gets out the smell very well.

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