Best Way To Get Rid Of A Bong?

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  1. Im looking to get rid of a bong i got a while back. It is too big for me and i dont use it enough so im looking to sell it or possibly just give it away. I got it on sale for 50$ so if i had to give it away it wouldnt be a huge deal. Any ideas on where i can sell it or if i should just give it away?

  2. go by your local tobacco shop that sells china glass and smash that shit out front
  3. Try selling it on Craigslist.
  4. this seems like a good idea
  5. Ask around im sure a friend would buy it or take it. If no one wants it and you really want it gone just smash it and put it in the garbage.
  6. make a scene out of it. fill it with colored water before you smash it too
  7. mail it to me
  8. Do you have any fireworks?
  9. Start a web site ...USED BONGS FOR
  10. bury it about 3 feet deep in the middle of your backyard for future archaeologists to find.
  11. I did this and actually had a funeral service. It was for my first bong. RIP MEGAN THE BONG
  12. if you have a friend who liked it, give it to them.
    i've gained and "lost" bongs like that. adds a certain sentimental value to smoking apparatii.
  13. I would buy it off you. Post pics? Or pm me pics
  14. so much better (and less troublesome) than other alternatives.  besides, sacrifice is historically and inherently superior to the demands of trade or material gain.  fuck money, you have principle.
  15. Im really bakd right now so all that jibberjabber does it mean smash it insyead of selling it? If so that might be a good possibility, Hell if i do ill post a vid somehow. Just wondering but o you know if its hard to mail a bong?
  16. oh, i thought you already buried it?  didn't you say you did?  burying it is the ultimate sacrifice.  i wouldn't mail a bong, no.  not safe or smart.
  17. My last one. I just tossed this one in a lake to its watery grave. 

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  18. Give it to a girl you like, That way everytime she uses it, she will think of you.
  19. i suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure could use a new bong
    It's not extremely difficult, you just have to make sure it's really clean and then ship it through ups or fedex or something

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