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Best Way To Get Keif Through Pollen Screen Grinder?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AlphaOmega420, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. So a couple years ago I had a really nice big grinder with a pollen screen and I would put a few nickels in the chamber above it and shake repeatedly. It would help get the keif off the bud and through the pollen screen.
    Well I got a new grinder and that method doesn't seem to be that effective, anyone have any suggestions?
    this is the new grinder I got:

  2. should work the same man
  3. smoke better weed.
  4. Just use one, pennies, nickels, quarters.

    I do the same thing and I collect hella pollen just from an 8th, can't imagine how much it will be if I had a whole ounce!

    Don't know why you aren't collecting any...

    Don't blame a cheap grinder either b/c I had one of those $5 ones from Amazon and it always collected hella pollen.

    To anybody who thinks that knocking the pollen off gets you less high, to that I answer, "not if you are smoking good weed man!"
  5. you do realize that by knocking all the trichs off your weed youre making your smoke less potent. also forcing kief through the screen is making your kief less pure. i say just leave it alone, no need for all that coin business
  6. Explain how it makes it "less pure". kief is kief.
  7. No if you force kief through the screen you're probably pushing through more plant material. Thus lower quality kief.

    Also I lol'd at the super premium description on amazon
  8. unless you have a very very fine, high grade screen kief is not just kief, its kief and fine plant matter; especially because youre grinding it beforehand. the more you mess with the buds the more plant matter will be knocked off along with your kief and end up in the collector, lessening the potency of your "kief".
  9. Freeze your bud beforehand, works like a charm!

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