Best way to germinate seeds

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  1. I'm starting my first grow soon and I was looking through GC and the web to find the best way to germinate seeds. However, there are many ways to germinate seeds (sponge, paper-towel method, shot glass, etc.), and I'm sorta confused on which method I should use. Any help would be appreciated

  2. So far I've had 100% germ rate with the paper towel method
  3. I am a patient grower so I just put the seed in soil.

    For impatient growers the paper towel method should suffice. Fool Proof.

    The shot glass method isn't fool proof.
  4. Alright thanks!
  5. You can put your beans right in the dirt but it could take a while .. I've read about them taking up to 3 weeks but usually in 1 week they're breaking through. But since you're asking, we can all assume you haven't tried and are eager to do so. Henceforth, I would recommend the paper towel method to get you off and running fast. I wrap mine in paper towels, put that in a sandwich tupperware(sealed) and then put the tupperware on top of my cable box which is warm. 12-24hours and they're ready to be potted.

    I have only ever tried the paper towel method. All beans, for me at least, will crack within 12-24 hours of each other. I'm batting 1000% on this one and they stay very close in age which is two big +s for me :)
  6. When putting the seed into the soil, do i put the root end in pointing into the soil? or vice versa? Cause i've heard people do both
  7. Tap-Root downwards, Not upwards.
  8. Master OG- subbing. Just got my beans today!!!!!!!!! Will definitely be following your posts. Will be nice to exchange noob notes haha. Good luck on your grow buddy!
  9. lol fa sho bro, i might even start up a journal
  10. yea def start journals, people will see problems and let you know about them before you even think of it! haha, and yea. i germinate seeds by putting down 3 (folded length wise) paper towels, saturated them, put seeds on, 3 more folded paper towels, and saturated again. i put them on a plate, in a hannafords shopping bag on a stand next to a window, about 24-48 hours later all 25 seeds sprouted! i only have room for ten and wasn't banking on them all sprouting but the rest i just dumped in ditches around town for shit and giggles. Hope to see a few good plants on my daily drive to work :)
  11. Lol alright man
  12. Wow dude +rep for that one. You're tossing seedlings around town???????? And where do you live exactly? haha lol. Way to look out for your local homies buddy. In fact I think you've inspired me to do the same!
  13. Android- and I germed my first seed tonight as per your sop's haha. Can't wait to see a cute little seedling!!!!!! haha. Trippin balls on this growing experiment haha.

  14. haha i live up north, and it isn't uncommon to see little plants along the highway...i call it the green mile. this guy took it a little to far but here is a copy/paste part of an article on our local new website from 2007 a little north of where i live on our states like...2nd most traveled highway!

    Police say Drake was arrested around 1:40 a.m. Wednesday as he watered the plants. Troopers say he was carrying a .357 handgun at the time.
    Investigators say they seized 44 high quality marijuana plants on the southbound side of the highway and 88 on the northbound side. Police estimated the street value at $132,000


  15. lol wtf! thats gangsta haha
  16. A little to far is right haha. Damn that man must have had to water for a few hours each water/feeding lol
  17. Paper towel is best because you don't have to waist soil to plant bad seeds, and it can be easy to plant the seeds to far down and have them die. With the paper towel method I like to wait until the roots are about as long as a finger tip before I plant. I get better success that way. It only takes a few hours to a day after the seeds crack before the roots get that long. I swear they grow faster in the paper towel because the are searching for dirt to grow into.
  18. I'm having trouble with mine I got 1 or 2 paper towels dampened them put the seeds between them and put in a zip lock baggie. The first day I had the bag closed but heard to leave it open so the second day I opened it. But still nothing has happened, what have I done wrong:confused:

  19. i did 3 paper towels saturated with water, put seeds on, another 3 paper towels on top, saturated AGAIN, and then put them in a shopping bag and just loosely folded it. how many seeds did you put in there?
  20. I always just put a couple folded paper towels wet on a plate, the seeds, and a few more folded wet paper towels, and put the plate in a drawer. No need for a plastic bag. You are more likely to get a good germination rate if they have airflow. You just have to check them twice a day to re-wet the paper towels and look for roots. I've germinated 100's of seeds that way and only a few didn't pop.

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