Best way to germinate seeds

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  1. Jus wanna know what the best/ easyest way is
  2. Tupperware container
    Paper towels

    Run the paper towel under warm, not hot, water. It should be moist but not wet.\t It should drip when you hold it by a corner. Sandwich the seeds in the paper towels, very carefully. Don't push down or the seeds or anything. Place it inside the container and put a lid on it to keep in moisture. Place the container in a dark warm, not hot, spot and wait patiently. Check them once a day to see if a taproot it has broke the casing, if so, plant right away.

    Or directly into the soil. 1/2" deep. Keep it warm and moist. Placing a baggie over the containers helps keep in moisture. Patience is even more important with this method
  3. Rapid rooters with a dome and heat mat. Add water to the tray, drop in seeds, cover the tray and wait for sprouts. About as simple as you get and extremely effective.
  4. What BYOweed said.

    A lot of people do a lot of weird shit to their seeds during germination. (bleaching their seeds, birth control pills, etc...) I don't buy it.
    Just make sure they're moist n dark, the way nature intended it to be.
  5. Why couldn't I jus put the seed a half inch in dirt in like a red solo cup and just put it on a window

  6. Seconded, with or without the dome even. Although if you actually have a life I suppose the bag slowing down dry out times would be quite helpful
  7. [quote name='"Chopsmoker420"']Why couldn't I jus put the seed a half inch in dirt in like a red solo cup and just put it on a window[/quote]

    You can. As long as the seed is kept within a good range of moisture and temperature it should sprout just fine.
  8. Seed straight in to moist soil 1cm deep an cover the area with a dome of some sort.. I use a 2 litre plastic bottle with the arse cut off it.. Seedlings pop up between 2 an 6 days!
  9. I like peat pucks. I get almost 100% germination; I think because it's easy to keep them at the proper moisture level, and they warm well since there's a big dark area exposed to the light.

    They're easy to transplant, just watch for the taproot to poke through on the bottom, pick your pot size and fill with soil.

    I cannot for the life of me understand all of the complicated processes that involve handling a delicate naked seedling. Way more marijuana plants are killed by loving nervous nellies than by any other conditions.
  10. What are peat pucks?

  11. I use peat pucks as well, I just soak my seeds in water for 24 hours before planting them and like to trim the tap root as soon as it sticks out the bottom to promote root branching.

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