Best way to control vertical growth?

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  1. So I know there are multiple ways to control upward growth, but I was wondering If anybody prefers one way over another? Which is the easiest for a closet grow?

    I just entered 12/12 light a few days ago, is it too late? Should I top it or will that stress the plant?
  2. You should leave at least one week (preferably longer) in veg after topping before starting flowering
  3. lst or use a screen for scrog
  4. You could even LST and SCROG, definite plus. having a closet grow myself its an easy way to control the plant in small spaces.
  5. topping would have been good in early veg
  6. Check out my grow in my sig to see me control the vertical height w/ a piece of chicken wire!!!
  7. Sorry for being a noob but what does topping entail? What does it do for the plant?
  8. The bud that's farthest from the roots, vertically, has "apical dominance".

    That means that the plant will feed it the most and give it the most energy, so it's the biggest bud.

    What you do is cut that one off, then the lower ones will grow out. Then when you get one that's getting too tall, you tie it down even w/ the others, or you use a screen to make em all even.

    You know why?????

    Because if they're all at the SAME height, then the plant makes them ALL big. It's like tricking mother nature into getting you higher. A beautiful thing.

    Even canopy=lots of good big buds
    Uneven canopy = some big, some small.

    I'd say train it sideways under a screen till you've got budsites just everywhere, then cut everything out from under the screen that's not getting light. That way the plant focuses on the big buds at the canopy that are getting light, and they get bigger, and you don't have a bunch of little popcorn buds. Just nice big fat ones.
  9. So you dont think it will stress the plant out to much by cutting all the small ones away? Im thinking about the scrog method like your talking about with the screen
  10. Man scrogging is the best way to increase yield, besides vegging it forever. (from what I've learned).

    As long as your temps, ferts, humidity and all those factors are stable, I don't think it hurts anything at all to pull that stuff off the bottom. It's called lollipopping, cause the buds end up looking like lollipops on the end of a stick. It's truly beautiful. Weed is a resilient plant. If you look at the last page of my journal at the two plants I'm flowering now, you'd never believe that they were originally cuttings taken from a plant I thought was dead. I didn't even really expect them to root, and now I'm 5 weeks out from harvesting a bunch of bud off them.
  11. Nice grow man!
    Thanks alot

    So with scrogging you just pull whatever ones grow over the wire under it and tie it to the wire right?? Do you let the main cola just go straight up like in your pictures and just route the other ones where you want them? Do you keep doing it during flowering? Thanks again
  12. You don't have to tie them, just train them through the screen. The goal is to keep all the budsites as even as possible so you can a)make the most of your light's footprint, and b)trick the plant into growing them all large.
  13. Sweet thanks.

    Reps for you!
  14. I just love the idea that all across the world, in closets, and basements and wherever, that there are little bushes of weed just waiting to bring joy to smokers. It truly pleases me.
  15. thanks for all the input guys, judging by my situation, a scrog looks to be the best bet. I only have another 3.5 feet to my closet ceiling so I have to act now.

    This is my first indoor grow so i never really thought about it when you can have eight footers growing free outside.

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