Best way to clean grow tent post mites

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by baltik, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. I am using a small tent 2'x2'x5' but after getting some infected clones my last harvest was compromised by mites. I usually wash the tent with bleach between grows but given all the ducting and electronics are taken out before the wash i am concerned that the usual wipedown will be insufficient. I was thinking about using a pyrethrin bomb prior to washing and with all the electronics and ducting still inside the tent - any other ideas?
  2. Remember to unplug the electronics before setting the bombs... :)
  3. steam cleaner or car wash or it is winter i think the cold could kill them put it out side.
  4. hmm - how about those hot shot strips? no access to a steam cleaner and it doesn't get below 50s at night here
  5. thinking out loud...I often thought of spraying neem or volck oil on a foam filter mounted in front of my fan. Oil could catch and vapor might discourage critters
  6. As long as you unplug all electronics before popping the bomb you should be fine. Give it a couple days of airing out before using again afterward.
  7. I found mites after I cut up a tree in my yard after the hurricane..found em on day 58 shit a brick..i ended up chopping on day sixty three cuz they started to spread to other plants...i harvested then emptied the room..first I vacumed then washed with soap then I vacumed and washed with bleach, then I vacumed and then I sprayed rubbing alcohol every where ...then I wiped it all down again woth alcohol..its been a little almost a month into veg so im hoping they are gone amd if im careful about hitch hikers ill be may have to take all the stuff apart or cover important electronics with plastic. Then hit em woth bleach...does bleach even kill those bastards?
    The problem with pyrethrin is that it has been in use for so long many insects are now immune to it's ability to kill insects. A good wash down with peroxide may be better. Just a suggestion my friend. Peace and Good Growin.

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