Best way to clean glass

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  1. Formula 420 leaves a smell I don't like and a film on my hands. Orange chronic leaves no smell but is filmy as well. Both work great though for cleaning the shit. I also used 91% iso and fine sea salt which works just as good if not better then the other two. But I've heard iso and salt is a nono on higher end glass? Whata everyone using?
  2. simply green is the only way man, just buy the 132oz bottle for 10 dollars and you can clean all your glass forever. you fill a bucket and soak your pieces whenever they are dirty. overnight they look like they just came home from the shop, wash them out with hot water and its good as new.
  3. whee can i find this stuff
  4. home depot. kmart, walmart, anywhere, its a standard cleaning project. 
  5. Why is it on your hands? fill it up, shake it and pour it out. I've never noticed a smell after a couple rinses

    I've also never had a problem using iso and salt or heard of anyone having a problem.

  6. Never hada issue with alcohol and salt, Why pour money down the drain that can be used on good flower? <3
  7. Because my pieces cost money and it keeps them alive longer if I'm not shaking them with wet hands. And if you don't have a one time 10 dollars to spend on keeping your pieces clean then how do you buy more ISO every month or so?

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  8. Bro iso and salt isn't bad for glass... My friends clean there MS with 98% iso and course salt. Unless you have a 10k+ rig don't worry about it
  9. I know ISO and salt isn't bad for glass... Im saying shaking it is while your hands are wet is... Was my post really not easy to understand

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    They tossed in a bottle of formula 420 with my last piece. Otherwise I always use iso. But I'm not any sort of connoisseur, just a long time smoker.

    I just clean my pieces when I'm mostly sober. You really have to not be distracted and focus on your grip and not bumping anything and you'll be alright IME.

    Edit- cleaning is always dangerous though
  11. Agreed, i have to clean glass in the  It seemed like someone said alcohol would harm glass, and i had never heard that, so i responded. Is it true, and which kinds of glass are affected? <3
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    ISO couldn't never harm glass, salt may leave very small abrasions tho.

    Also 420 formula is just ISO, salt and blue dye

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  13. Thanks fellas well I'll continue iso and fine sea salt. Done wasting 10 bucks on that orange chronic
  14. Anyone notice that their glass gets dirtier way faster after using iso products? Formula 420, orange chronic, iso? I mean literally after 1 bowl toke I've got chunks on my pieces
  15. I understood you lol

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  16. anyone that buys special cleaner is wasting money imo.  After years and years of cleaning, the best bet is 91 iso alch and sea salt.  I can clean my 2 chamber bong in 10-15 crystal clear that way.  Ive used other popular cleaners with very little luck actually.
  17. Idk how ISO and salt is a "nono" it's what I use and I've noticed no problems with my glass
  18. Shaking with wet hand is harmful to the glass in what way?

    Sorry just trying to understand what you mean.

    Harmful in that it may slip out of your hands and break?

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  19. mhm, its also much faster to throw an ac or a tube in your simply green and walk away. come back in 4 or 5 hours, wash it out and your golden. its pretty hard to clean a piece to be 100% spotless with iso and salt, but simply green does it everytime

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