Best way to ask your parents for weed money?

Discussion in 'General' started by carbacious, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. any goo excuses that work for you every time? movies? mall? I already get money for gas too.
  2. food...:confused_2: but the best guilt-free way is get a job:poke:
  3. Using your parents for your weed fund is never a good idea bro. Get a job and buy it yourself, you'll feel better.
  4. Spend less gas money?
  5. I agree with JayTab, get a job and then you are in charge of your own finances, no need to come up with an excuse every time. It made my life so much easier when I realized this. Then you'll realize how nice having a steady paycheck is, especially if you live with your parents and don't have to pay rent or anything like that.
  6. My parents didn't care that I smoked cigarettes because it was "legal" but they cared if I smoked weed so if I was broke I would just be like "I need money because of my addiction" blah blah or something when in reality I don't get addicted to cigarettes so I have no problem stopping them and my mom would give me like $20 and be like "This should last the week" :rolleyes: and then I'd just go out and get a dub instead.
  7. Get a job hippie.
  8. gimme a tenner i wanna get high
  9. [quote name='"JayTab"']Using your parents for your weed fund is never a good idea bro. Get a job and buy it yourself, you'll feel better.[/quote]

    This i always feel guilt when im high later
  10. Just say you have a date with a girl you like. they should give you enough for an eighth. I only use this technique when im very desperate for money. You also have to come up with a fake name for the girl. youll also feel alot of guilt.
  11. I have a seasonal job from jan-June but other than that i get money from my parents until my job starts back up again..
  12. "I need money for cocaine"
  13. "give me all your money or i'll fucking stab you in your sleep"

  14. hahah then id be able to buy a whole pound :O
  15. why dont you quit trying to leech money from your parents and get a job. you also dont look like a pathetic 8th grader.

  16. I have a seasonal job from jan-June that gets me 135 a week
  17. Here's how I get money for weed when I don't have any money

    Me: hey mom

    Mom: hey

    Me: can I have $80 for some weed

    Mom: yea sure
  18. i have a temp job that gets me 500 a week. they are giving you chump change.
  19. Get a job? I've been working since I was 15 so I've never had to ask for weed money.
  20. I tell them it's for food. lol, who the fuck spends $60 on food in 2 days?

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