Best Way(Personally) To Collect Keif(Pollen Etc.)

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  1. Hey, I recently purchased a 4-peice Sharpstone grinder that came with a nice little pollen press(the Cali Crusher I believe), and I would like to know your personal recommendation on how to collect keif(optimally using the tools at my disposal as listed). I've heard about the coin trick, which I plan on trying with this 8th of dank, unless you know of a better way of course. I'd be thrilled if I could get enough keif to make a bit of hash, thanks for your time and tips, peace.

  2. Put your weed in the freezer for 15 minutes, put a penny on the screen before the keif collect at the bottom, take the weed out of the freezer, grind, shake like hell, enjoy your keif.
  3. /thread
  4. Dude I've got the exact same ones! Must have got that bitch on Amazon, no? I use a quarter, nickle, or penny (dimes are too small), and after I grind the bud, I'll shake the bitch for a minute. Doesn't ever seem like you have that much until you use the paddle thing that came in the Sharpstone to scrape it to one side.
    How do you like the grinder? I love mine, and I've got enough kief from an 8th to crush it into a small little disk of hash. It was hard as a rock and got me lifted!
  5. Don't shake it up and down only side to side.
  6. Get a kief box
  7. my friend got a pretty average/shitty grinder that mysteriously collects way more kief than it should, after grinding a few gs the chamber is filled

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