best way about finding smoke out west.

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  1. Hey guys i am vacationing in La this weekend, I am far from anywhere out west and have neverbeen. Only source of contact i have out there is my 19 year old cousin who just joined the navy and he's been on base the whole time. We plan on going from LA to San Fran, and a few other nothern cali places. What would be the best way about finding quality green in those cities?
  2. It's California.
  3. ^I know right. Some things just make no sense.

  4. i guess ill ask around but im more of a private person i like to be direct when it comes things i like. like back home i got a grower but i want highest quality possible.
  5. go to the weed store and buy weed there
  6. That's like asking where the wine is in wine country
  7. or where the meese are in moose country
  8. Walk up to the biggest meanest looking black guy you can find and say
    "yo cuh i need some of that sticky stank diggety dank, so you best be givin me that shit. Ya hurr me?"

    the odds of it working goes up majorly if you do this when theres a huge group of em
  9. hang out in head shops

    i cant tell u how many times ive been asked if i need a hook up out side of those places.
  10. well been here in La for 3 days so far and no success finding tree.
  11. did this guy just seriously ask how hes going to find weed in california, of all places to ask where to find weed......

  12. its not as east finding quality without a card, atleast thats what im being told here
  13. go to and check out LA theres some info for getting good
  14. Definitely not true, i have found weed nearly every city i've been to in Cali. Just gotta grow some and ask somebody, just go near a club and ask someone to buy you a eighth if all else fails!
  15. I lol'd

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