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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cowofsteel, May 14, 2003.

  1. I couldn't find anything about this using the search so...

    I am wonderin what would be the best water to use for growing indoor plants. well not really, indoor for 2 weeks then outdoor. I thought R/O but that has been shot down so i need some suggestions. is there a speical liquid fert that i havent hear about?
    I have some "Garden Safe" tomato & vegetable liquid fert. would that work? Thanks!
  2. I didn't shoot down your idea of a R/O filter, I'm just saying that it would work a little too well...most soil ferts don't contain the essential minerals that might be found in tap water...although the R/O filter will remove the impurities such as chlorine, flouride, and lead. I'm getting one myself but I'm growing hydro so that's another story.

    If you think your tap water isn't safe after sitting out for 24 hours then buy some distilled water from the grocery store or use the R/O filter.

    What's the NPK on that fert?
  3. well i wasn't really trying to be mean saying that is was shoot down, just that is wouldn't work...

    our tap water is good, i just know there is somthing better!

    the NPK on the fert is 1-1-4... isn't that really low?
  4. yea that is pretty low, possibley concentrated.... and it has more K for healthy root and stem growth...but not enough N. It probably wouldn't hurt to use a couple drops on the next watering.
  5. Yea its concentrated. like 1 drop to every 3 cups of water or somthing.

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