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  1. I plan on using poland spring distilled water with cal/mag to water my plants from seed to flowering. Anybody recommend any other nutes I should add to this to better my plants or the cal/mag is all I need ? Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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  2. i got the 3 pack fox farm nutes, cal/mag and the phupdown but for general watering purposes any other names u suggest maritime?
  3. If we are really talking best of the best I'm going to say rainwater and 100% organic nutrients in a perpetual composting soil bed full of worms. No ph'ing no fertilizing really. If you don't have the time or space to maintain that kind of setup I think Advanced Nutrients and General Hydroponics are the #1 and #2 names in bottled nutrients for weed growers. Most of my friends use AN but I'm a rebel and use General myself.

    I've just been learning about a product called Real Growers Recharge. I will definitely be running this in the future as soon as my hydroguard runs out. Recharge Natural Soil Conditioner. Look at the list of ingredients. I can eliminate my humic/floric acid supplement because it's included.
  4. yea i dont have access to rainwater to collect or a well/river i live in the city and in an apartment. all that info is great but i already bought the fox farm and cal/mag for nutes dont want to mix or just not use them any others i can add to this combo?
  5. That recharge stuff is worth every penny. It says for soil or hydro. It will definitely boost your beneficial microbial activity in the soil. Nice to see you have cal/mag. Those are #4 and #5 most important ingredients for big buds. You will need a bloom booster starting about 2-3 weeks into flowering. There's a million and there's organic formulas if you're interested but I like GH liquid koolbloom. It's 0-10-10 so it's a big P&K boost but it doesn't have any nitrogen or anything else to mess up your nutrient equation. It's just a nice boost for flowering.
  6. thanks its answers like that ive been looking for im looking into the recharge conditioner it has alot of good points to its purpose. for blooming i have the foxfarn big bloom but that that koolbloom stuff looks good aswell .i see u made a list of what nutes for big buds can u tell me the list :).
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    I use a beneficial like recharge but I use hydroguard. You have your base mix. I use GH flora grow, micro, bloom. The ratios change from veg to bloom. 2 parts grow, 1 part micro, 1 part bloom for veg. 1part grow, 1part micro, 2 parts bloom for bud. On top of that I add humic/floric acid (Diamond Nectar), Armor Si silica supplement, Calimagic cal/mag, florablend organic tea, and budcandy carbohydrate/amino acid supplement. After it starts to show sex I add liquid kool bloom to the mix. When it's 5-6 weeks into bud cycle I change to dry kool bloom and cut out the grow, micro, bloom trio but keep everything else. 2 days before I cut it down I put in just water and GH florakleen.

    That's the routine I've come up with so far. Silica supplements have to be added to a nutrient mix first because they are alkaline. You add the silica then I use white vinegar to lower the ph to 6.7. Then I proceed to add the rest of the nutrients.

    Organic growers would scoff at all this stuff but I'm loving DWC hydro so far. Not that you can't kick ass with soil but it takes practice like anything and the dudes I know growing in soil locally have some spindley plants next to my other friends running DWC.

    By those numbers I just meant that nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium and the top 3 nutrients you need for good health and calcium/magnisium are numbers 4 and 5.
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  8. I need to take sometime to comprehend all that info lol. Thanks alot very in depth I'm a going to have more questions but that's a good start point u gave me :)

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