Best Video Game of all Time: My Choice

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Apr 26, 2006.

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    C'mon, who didn't love this game? Had EVERYTHING. So much to do, hidden level, what a masterpiece. SNES, the King of all consoles.

    If I could, I'd rub it all over my genitalia. But, then my cat would stare. He'd tell all his other cat friends, who start to blackmail me for ramen noodles. Bastard cats and their noodles.
  2. Wolfenstein.
  3. Counter-Strike man
  4. i hope you're kidding......and the best game is definitely major league baseball featuring ken griffey jr. for N64 or Contra for the original NES
  5. imma have to say cs is the best comp game cuz thats the only one ive gotten paid to play for :D

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  8. does that bring back memories.

    music from that game has been stuck in my head for like what, 8 years?

    oh, and.. come on you n64 people.. :p

  9. i would say either super mario world or one of the zeldas on super nintendo

    SNES games are my all time favorite. First game system i ever got(i think back in 1990) and it is still runnin fine

    soooooooo many killer games for that system. i have been getting lost in them all over again thanks to someone sending me a SNES emulator for my laptop
  10. Ah, man, I've got the SNES Station emulator on a disc for my ps2 with 500 games on it. how cool is that? some of them are also original nintendo games, I believe. I love that most of that shit though. can't forget about the donkey kong kountry games. those were ridiculously fun. :]
  11. Everyone says Counter Strike is so good, Global Operations was way better....until it died, i used to play for days on end. But yeah Super Mario was kick ass
  12. I would have to say that nintendo does make some of the best games for when you are under the influence of drugs.

    I am going to have to find a N64 or even a regular nintendo. Just thinking about playing some of those games puts a smile on my face.

  13. Goldeneye is easily the greatest game ever. im gonna say halo 1 is a close secound.

    Honorable mention to whoever said ken griffey junior baseball, that game fucking rocked. What about that baseball game, extra innings with the little kids that game was hotness.
  14. I say Mutant league football is the win for sega :D that or blades of steel.

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  15. Super Dodgeball, nothing else matters.

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  16. I'm all about that N64. Best game ever:

    Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time

    It just has everything. You can play it for weeks without advancing the story at all. I've completed it three times and probably still haven't seen all it has to offer. But FUCK the Water Temple. That level is shit. I hate it.
  17. i don't know I guess my all tyme fac has to bethe original Nintendo, I love the cheezy graphics, and games. i really like to play metoid and super mario bros. Good tymes JOE>


    Halo rocks 2!
  18. yo joe, you got Live?

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