best vape for $150 or under?

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  1. yeah even .1 would give you your money back but .05 is fucking godly. why the hell would anyone smoke i sure as hell wont smoke again after i get it. but i prolly will still use my cig one-hitter for non-medical use.
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    You guys are making me want a purple days vape now. How hard is the pandora to build? I don't have lots of experience working with electronics but I can use a soldering iron. I usually find building stuff pretty easy but I've never assembled anything too similar to a vape before. Would I be getting in over my head?

    And also, I don't understand how the purple days is that efficient. From stuff I've read, normal vapes are around 80% efficient. With my vapor brothers, I usually use a little less than .1 grams to get high. Most vapes require around this much. If the purple days could really do the same thing with a quarter of the weed, that would make other vapes no more than 25% efficient, which seems very low. So what's up? Do people who have purple days vapes just use really good weed? I know I'm missing something but I don't know what.
  3. If you can use a soldering iron, building a Pandora is a no brainer. The DVD instructions are great and Tom is always available over at the FC site to help guide you through the build if need be. A few ladies over at FC who have not had any experience soldering, built there's just fine.

    Regarding efficiency, all I can tell you is this. When I went from smoking thru a glass spoon to a VaporGenie, my consumption was cut in half. When I got my PD, my consumption was cut in half again. When I use my Buddha, I use about 3 times more than I do with the PD. This is all with the same quality weed.
  4. I've heard great things about the magic flight launch box.

  5. Yup. Arguably, the best portable on the market, but it won't take the place of a good home unit.
  6. The Woodeez vape is right in the same league as the PD/MZ imo

  7. In my opinion, an inferior product on a few different levels, but I refuse to open up that can of worms again, but I will say this. I wouldn't purchase or recommend a Woodeez any more than I would purchase or recommend a cheap Chinese knock-off.
  8. i am going with the other that is just as efficient as the purple days. i am so fucking hyped to need barely any weed, plus i get mids for 50 a quarter so i am pretty damn excited:smoking:.

  9. The MyrtleZap? Good choice. That vape will pay for itself in no time.

  10. would you guys say the magic flight one ($100) is cheap as far as health concerns go?
  11. NO WAY, the Launch Box is the cheapest unit of safe quality. But is definitly legitimate, I have one and it's really a fantastic little unit. Great for portability, heats up almost instantly AND has the best warranty of ANY vaporizer on the market.

  12. The screen has an annoying tendency to break. I'm on my third LB... :(
  13. Eh, youve still got the warranty, right? It's still a good, safe, inexpendive unit even if the screen is fragile.
  14. Magicflight launchbox

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