best vape for $150 or under?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by thereddfoxx12, May 25, 2010.

  1. so i decided to start smoking everyday since it allows me to vent and consistently get to sleep. but i do not want to have low lung capacity so i decided a vape is the best method for me. i need one that is very efficient and size does not matter to me. plus a link to the thread on how to make hash out of vapor poo to maximize efficiency would be nice:smoke:
  2. The most efficient vape is the purple days vape. It might be a bit more than $150 but it is less than $200. The downside is that there is a huge waiting list for it. But if you can use a soldering iron, they also sell purple days vapes that aren't fully assembled for less money with no waiting list. To find their website, just google "purple days vaporizer."

    If you don't want to deal with that, both the vapor brothers hands free vape and the Da Buddha vape are efficient, high quality products. They cost a bit more than $150 but not by much. They are both whip based vapes and function in essentially the same way. I have had a vapor brothers vape since November and it has never let me down. It conserves a ton of bud and it gets me ripped. The heat is always consistent too. I highly recommend it.

    If you want a portable one, the magic flight launch box is the way to go. But since you said size doesn't matter, you probably aren't in the market for a portable vape.
  3. Magic Flight Launch Box. Best way I have ever spent $100.

  4. The most efficient vapes on the market are the following:

    The Purple Days
    The Purple Days Pandora
    The MyrtleZap

    There is not a whip vape, a bag vape or a portable that comes close to those three vapes.
  5. Hot Box vaporizers.

    They look classy and they are just all around great. They get you baked, and when you're done you still have some pretty dank bud.
  6. The Purple Days is THE most efficient. But the waiting list is crazy, the Pandora is what you assemble yourself- no waiting list and a bit cheaper. Remember that with most things you get what you pay for. If your concerned about your health then don't cheap out on a vaporizer.

  7. Completely true. Way too many people buy a knock off vape that is the third the price of a quality one. While I know some people who have lucked out with these, most will find them a waste of money after they break or taste like burning plastic. While there is debate over what vape is the best, pretty much everyone agrees that cheap knockoff vapes should be avoided.

  8. Yup, but the reason why there are so many debates over which vape is the best is because there is no vape that is the best without further qualification of what one wants from their vape.
  9. I got my easyvape a few months back, still working great I use it multiple times a day and it only cost me $70 xD
  10. so how much will it take me to get stoned? i mean most days i will just get buzzed but sometimes it's nice to get sky high, it would be nice if i could do that using like .2 a day of dank. oh and can you smoke the vapor poo when your done cause i need to stretch my weed really far.

  11. With a Purple Days Pandora, you can get 4 to 5 solid hits from 0.025g (1/40th of a gram).
  12. wow i heard the efficiency is high but not that crazy!
  13. The Easy Vape is >150 most places. Its pretty basic, with digital temp dial. Only thing im not used to is that it doesn't show actual temp or let you know once its reached the desired temperature. I also use an uprgaded whip to help keep my herb from falling out when im loading/unloading/dicking around. I vape at least once a day and always have my delta9 and double bub around. I need the variety...
  14. so i should go with the pandora? i mean i don't really care about un-noticeable efficiency i only really care if .2 or ideally .1 of dank will get me really high.
  15. actually it looks easy to mess up and has no warranty so i will go for the original. does it look like the waiting list will clear up in two weeks since thats when i can gt one?

  16. If building one is not your cup of tea, then I suggest to contact Tom (inventor of PD) and ask him regarding the wait time. If you don't want to wait at all, the other option would be to get the MyrtleZap. Just as efficient as the PD with some differences. The Zap uses brass in it's construction versus stainless steel for the PD. The warranty on the PD is 12 times as long as the Myrtlezap, and the heatport on the PD is designed as such that it will maintain temp between hits a bit better. But in regards to efficiency, the two are the same.
  17. sweet, so what does it take to get you high off your vape and what's your weight/frequency of use?
  18. The PD is my daily workhorse. I vape every day, but I only vape after 8:00 at night. One bowl (which only holds 0.025g) provides me with about 4 to 5 hits, and 4 to 5 hits from the best med grade weed that I can get at the dispensaries here, keeps me high till I go to, that equates to an eighth lasting me over a month.

    No other type of vape is as efficient.
  19. wow so even if my no seed sticky dank was half the quality i would get high off .05. that is beyond fucking amazing, that is only like 70 bucks for 120 days (i get it cheap my friend knows a wholesale dealer). and btw i would qualify for medical but nj does not have it:mad:. i have been on prozac, respridal(just to make sure i wasn't schizo), trileptal, all kinds of herbal shit, and i still won't get to sleep until like 2 or 3 am unless i can fall asleep before my roommates do.
  20. Yeah, foxx, it's really nuts. I've had this vape for over a year, but I'm still amazed when I empty out the bowl, look at the spent bud, and I'm like............WTF?!?! Hell, I used to spill that much when loading up my bong or spoon. A 40th of a gram a day. It really is an insanely small amount. The vape paid for itself in less than a month.

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