best tuesday of my entire life

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by no comment, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. est tuesday of my life.

    went to cowtown (local fleamarket/farmers market type place) and got some dope horror VHS,

    puppet master 3
    lord of illusions
    the eye (original one)
    near dark
    family reunion
    plan 9 from outer space

    then got some pizza and watched puppet master
    then me and girlfriend took the train to philly to see SWANS in philly, their first stop on their first tour in over 13 years!!!
    SWANS were fucking amazing and i was right up front watching, it was extra brutal. they ruled.
    then on the way home we stopped at this dope porn store that had live girls who were awesome. no one was there but us and they just talked to us and hit on my girlfriend and gave us sex tips and showed us their tits a bunch. we bought a new toy too.
    then we came home and took showers and drugs, now we're about to throw on Texas Chainsaw Massacre muted set to SWANS.

    also be checking on our new toy
  2. Man... plan 9 from outer space is the worst movie ever.

    But it's also completely awesome.

    Sounds like a good day, dude. Well done sir's all around.

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