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Discussion in 'General' started by leodicapario, May 9, 2006.

  1. I posted this story in some one's dxm thread in recreational.... but anywasy i thought id go ahead and share with all of u since u might not see it.. and hell why waste all that typing to not been seeen,,,, copy's and pastes. anyways here it is

    My best DXM trip... Me and 2 of my good friends picked up some gel caps robo max. strength. Me and one friend took 2 bottles and the other, less expeirenced took 1 bottle. Of course i shared with them my technique of popin an antihistimine to counteract the itching effects, because before they didnt know about that little trick. Anyways, were sittin in my friends clubhouse smokin blunts.. on our 2rd one by now, and the dxm effects have been kickin in after about 30 mins. After that blunt, we have this globe light that spins and has psycadelic colors and the lights are off all except this one. It makes it look like that 70's show in the room. Im telling u this was the craziest shit ive ever seen, it was like i was on the show. Any ways me and the other one who took 2 bottles were having the EXACT halucinations at the EXACT time. I was trippin hard and we both imagined we were in this dark room. And we both described it perfect to each other, including some one tapping each of us on the shoulder and telling us to SHHHHH or some stupid shit. My other friend that was only on 1 bottle thought we were fuckin stupid. Because we teased him about not being in the "dark room" with us. And we wouldnt shut up about it because of how amazed we were. Geez this is alot of typin. But we ended up goin inside after a few bowls and watchin titanic(trippiest shit ever) PPL DROWNING AND SHIT TRIPED ME OUT HARD... and we eventually passed out afterwards. Just thought i share the great effects of this stuff, and how it made a close friend seem even closer after that expeirence. GREAT STORY WE SHARE WITH MOSTLY EVERYONE WE SMOKE WITH ALSO.:D Awesome right?
  2. Good stuff, people look down on DXM way too much. It's a good drug, I haven't done it in months and I don't plan on doing it anytime soon... I hate going to the store to buy it, I'd much rather seek out illegal drugs.
  3. true, but i usually get the old 5 finger on these little bottles. So easy to jack these things its funny. But i actually havent done it in awhile due to a bad trip i had on CCC, before i knew of the harmful effects. I seriously thought that was the end that night...but dont get me wrong im definatly not done with this drug. Just takin a break to rid my mind of that horrible night.

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