Best to grow during summer in FL?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by D'LO, May 19, 2006.

  1. Hello, forgive me if my questions are dumb or repeated, I did a search and could find nothing. I was just curious if anyone had any suggestions for the best seeds to attempt to grow in the sunny summer of FL. I have a spot a good little ways away from my house where I plan to grow. Also I was planning on ordering the seeds from here, when it comes up on my card though what is it going to say? Im sure its nothing that would hint towards me buying marijuana but I was just curious. I figured I really need to start growing since it seems fun, and im also not smoking at this time due to my mip program I have coming up.:mad: Thanks in advance folk look foward to hearing your suggestions :)
  2. Just use bag seed it's perfectly fine. I used it and my plants are well.
  3. this question lies within yourself young one. What kind of smoke do you like?? Are you willing to pay for seeds?? You are in a very good climate and conditions under which you can grow quite a few different strains. Seeing as how the weather has the potential to stay accomodating to many strains, the sky is the limit. The one thing to watch for is that which you cannot. Fla. weather has the ability to kill a whole outdoor crop in a matter of minutes - what starts out as a sunny summer morning can quickly deteriorate to a crop killing afternoon. Its up to you bro... I would start (if it were my first year growing outside) with a quick 7-8 week indica just to get m y feet wet. Feeling risky?? In the words of my native CANADA - "fuckin' give'r!" grow yerself some sweet sweet sativa (The Kem's favorite) But be educated, you cant just say, OK - its an INDICA - its gonna be done in 7 weeks "fo sho'", some take longer than others. If your going to buy seeds from a breeder, than be educated - read something like ED ROSENTHALS - "BIG BOOK OF BUDS" this will give you info on the strain (indica/sativa rati) type of high (up or down (yes, there is such a thing for those of you who think pot only puts you to sleep)) flavor type (which is very expansive) yield (something if you are growing for personal shouldnt be a big, but moderate concern) and TTH (time to harvest) - this one is up to you. Anyone on here can spit out random ideas at you as to what they would like to do, but this ultimately comes down to what is within your means, what you like, and what is safe, or how fuckin safe do you want to be? are you willing to risk "safe" mediocre pot, for "late" blooming out-fucking-standing pot? THE CHOICE, IS YOURS......

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