Best time to foliar spray

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Best time to foliar spray

  1. Before lights out

  2. Just Before lights out

  3. Anytime during day

  4. Anytime after lights out

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    First two answers are the same lol sry

    What do you think is the best time?
    im unable to spray before the lights come on so the Last couple times an hour before lights out I have turned the main light to minimum to 25% side lights off , then sprayed it and let it sit under low light before lights out. As soon as the timer goes off and they go out I plug everything back in for the next day.. in that hour they sit they do soak up everything I’ve had no issues and wondering if there’s a better way
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  2. well you are losing 75% of your light for 1 hour a day times 30 days per month does the spray make up for the lost light? maybe adjust your timer 15 minutes longer to make up the lost light but on the other hand if you are running 18/6 usually by the 18th hour the plants go to sleep anyway as far as the benefits i never really sprayed my plants but i hear it does work
  3. Hey @kush70, what you are doing is fine. As I'm sure you're aware some of our IPM inputs are oils such as neem and or EO's like rosemary,peppermint or lavender. They will cause burning if applied under strong light. I apply mine indoors around 5 minutes before lights go out. This gives me enough time to cover everything. If you are spraying neem, kelp, or alfalfa MEAL tea they can be sprayed at any time. I'd just be sure your light is dimmed for a 1/2 hour or so. As we can still realize some leaf spotting under intense lighting. Outdoors I spray just before dark.
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  4. Yea the intense light was my big concern but they seem to be doing ok like this. They soak it all up before the hour is up and the lights go off so …. Guess I’m being a worry wart lol

    thanks and Cheers !
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