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  1. I'm growing my weed using natural light.

    I know that plants have different times of day when the sap rises and when it falls.. my little darlings are getting close to harvest now and was wondering if anyone had any advice as to what time of day/night gets the best results. Do i pick em mid-day when theyre reaching for the sun, or midnight when theyve shut down, or someway inbetween.. been all over the net and haven't seen an answer..

    thanks guys
  2. HI

    first ive got 1 q for you how the hell did you grow a plant in natural light and get it to bud in spring?????

    try this it might help..

  3. umm i didnt realise that that wasn't supposed to happen. They are indoors, so the temps been almost constant, and i had some bloke come looking round my house so I stuck them in a couple of black plastic bags for a day, i guess that might have had an effect on them. They are a bit stringy, but the buds are nice looking. Ive put a pic of one of them in the pic posts thread here

    i suppose i should have realised that something was going a bit awry by the fact that theyve been budding for 7 weeks now and the hairs are only just going orange (no idea of the strain as they're seeds out of my girls tin).

    I had a read through article you posted, i've been there a few times checking up on stuff, but still couldn't find anything out about which part of the day to cut them in. I guess it just doesnt really matter, but working from natures guidance I think i'll cut them in early evening after a warm day .. it always seems to be that time of day that the smells at its peek.
    Thanks for the pointer, i'll be sure to let you know what happens..
  4. HI

    cant realy make it out in that pic any chance of a good pic as yhat plant looks not bad......

    very intresting flowering in spring..........
  5. ummmm....i think he grew them mostly indoors, letting them outside a couple hours a day for maximum sunlight. the rest of the time they just sat it under a big window.

    That is just my thought.
  6. They stay indoors all the time, but have a fan circulating the air. The windows not too big, about 4 feet across but its south facing so get the most amount of sun.

    I'm not sure, but i think the strain maybe medicine man? i'm happy to be corrected on that .. heres a better pic (shows my new little 'uns too)

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  7. and another shot of where they are

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  8. no wonder theyre so small, theyre rootbound, get some bigger pots for them, although its about too late if youre gonna harvest soon, but you should have stuck them in at least 3-5 gallon pots.
  9. :-( well when they got to 2 feet tall i nipped out the middles. I didnt want a monster tree growing, plus, as u said, theyre in 2 gall pots. There aren't any roots coming thru the bottom of the pot, so i didnt think they were rootbound but i shall invest in bigger pots this time .. as I've read in here .. bigger rootbase = bigger yield ..
    I'm quite happy with them for a first grow tho .. wasn't expecting them to last this long so any harvest is a result :)
  10. ok, so nobody here knew. I did the best I could and e-mailed 'home and garden television' and got a reply.
    They reckon that the best time of day to harvest is mid-morning, before the sun has had a chance to warm the plant but after the dew has gone. Thats ok for outdoors, but for indoor or grow-room people, it's 2 hours after sunrise and 2 hours after 'lights on' respectively....

    So there we have it .. the best that TV land has to offer working feaverishly away for us. I hope thats helped out more than just me .. :)

    If anyone hears any differetn pls be sure to let me know
  11. HI....well done weedy may now pull your plant dry cure and
  12. LOL HGTV!

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