Best time Iver ever had sober (or toasted, for that matter)

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  1. So as you can probably tell by my sig and avatar...Im a big Alkaline Trio fan. I had always liked them, but never as much as I do now. I just came from a concert in Washington DC, and Ive got to say it was fucking incredible. If you dont listen to them or arent a fan, you probably wont want to read on cause Ive got to go back on some of the highlights of this was absolutely amazing.

    First off, they played the WHOLE "Goddamnit" album, which is in my opinion, second only to "From Here to Infirmary."

    One of the best parts of the show was when they sang "This Could Be Love", cutting all mikes at times and allowing the audience to sing "love for fire."

    Just when you thought it couldnt get any better, they broke out the Acoustic guitars and soloed a few songs. Matt Skiba had "Sorry About That," "Blue in the Face," and one other whose name I dont recall :eek:.

    At another point in the song "This Could Be Love," he replaced the lyric "An alcohol IV" with "A PCP IV"- inducing plenty of wicked grins from his bandmates (who apparently didnt know it was coming) and wild cheers from the more hardcore drug users in the crowd.

    A man in the audience flipped Matt Skiba the bird, and Matt stopped mid-song to inquire. The offender was wearing glasses, so Matt had the bulletproof attack, "Hey asshole, its not my fault you have to wear glasses. IM not the one who jerked off so much my eyes went bad...Personally, I jerked off until they went good." Without missing a beat, he picked the song back up as soon as he finished the sentence- inducing more wild cheers.

    Derek, the drummer, started on the wrong song once- as Matt described it, we were the first audience ever to witness Derek fuck up.

    The thing that struck me about this concert was that there was no weed. Every concert I have ever been to has at least had a few joints floating around- surprisingly enough, this one was my favorite of all of them, and was completely clean.

    So...sorry to go off on an irrelevant off-topic tangent, and this may belong in the Music forum...but I dont really think it fits there. So I guess to wrap this up, what are some of the best concerts you guys have ever been to?
  2. sounds like a blast my friend.

    i had tickets to aerosmith for the 9th, but steve tyler had to get surgery and the show was cancelled!! i had the tickets since february! arghhh.
  3. Sounds emo, how are the emo moshpits? Good? Doubtful.

  4. ^ I imagine there a drag, and sooo lonely.

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