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Best things to do when getting high on my own?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by completefool, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. I consider myself a seasoned toker as I have been smoking a lot for5 years but mostly with a good friend or few with me but barely been smoking on my own. When I did I'd play a game or watch Dexter.What do you guys think is awesome to do while high that most people don't normally consider?Also suggest cool random movies if you can!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. Post on Gc ....then get banned ....again
  3. Great answers lolSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. I used to love getting ripped and watching this show on Discovery called Dual Survival. It's on Netflix and I definitely recommend it. So either that or play some Call of Duty.
  5. Cook something (microwave doesn't count)
    or play an instrument (bong doesn't count)
  6. Single player RPG's...all the numbers that need to get high @-@ or watching a good anime or something, I was watching Attack on Titan for a little bit and that show was the tits ! Also been playing hella Dragon Age Origins.
  7. Depends if we're talking indicas or sativas here.
    When I smoke a sativa, I watch movies, write (I'm a writer), etc.
    When I smoke an indica, I chill in my recliner chair, listen to smoking tunes, think about really deep shit.
  8. watch family guy or friends, play black ops, etc.
  9. if you like shows try breaking bad
    otherwise try going in nature, like on a hike while high. It's awesome to chill in the breeze on the top of a mountain, listening to nature and nature only, high as fuck. 
    most people limit themselves to sitting at home while high... try doing new stuff!
    one time I went kayaking high in this river with huge rapids and it was awesome
  10. Haha, the dude who suggested jerkin' it wasn't kidding. All jokes aside, it's a lot better while high and everything seems to be a bit sexier. xD
    If that isn't your cup of tea or you just want something else to do, I'd suggest watching some Let's Play videos, those are always fun when stoned. Really, watching anything can be fun. Sometimes I watch some DBZ or just see what's on the TV. Otherwise, just chill out to some music and get deep in your thoughts.
  11. Get medicated. Sent from my iPhone.
  12. Really though, I get really bored when I watch things like movies while I'm stoned. They just always seem to bore the shit out of me. If you play an instrument, play that. You'll be way more creative.
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    South Park is freakin amazing when you're high. Indica or Sativa, it's hilarious.
    When smoking Sativa, I recommend doing things that focus more on the active conscious part of your mind than on the passive subconscious part. Things that require imagination, such as reading, writing, or playing DnD are ideal.
    When smoking Indica, I recommend doing relaxing things that focus more on the passive subconscious part of your mind than on the active conscious part. Things like sitting on the couch and listening to music or watching TV, or going to sleep and dreaming, are ideal.
    Another couple things that are ideal for either strain are just sitting and letting your mind wander while enjoying the train of thought, or having conversations with other high people, so you can bounce high ideas off each other and trip each other and yourselves out.
  14. If it's a Sativa you might try reading a book. It's different than reading something for school. You are not going to be tested on anything and unlike a movie YOU get to create the pictures in your mind.
    If you do try reading and like a book high, go back and read it straight, the pictures will likely not be the same.
    Indicas, I don't know as I don't care for the effect they have on me.
  15. Find some way to profit off of the internet. Free money for a free world.

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  16. Work out!
  17. Play League of Legends, you'll end up being with 4 other people that you will hate by the end of the roundSent from my RM-917_nam_usa_100 using Tapatalk

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