Best thing to eat when you have the munchies (must read)

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    The McGangBang...
    if you have never heard of this, neither did i til a little while ago. But it is the most delecious thing ever and the best thing McDonalds has to offer not on the menu. Well, the McGangbang is a double cheese burger that you open up between the patties and insert a mc chicken sandwich. Its also awesome when you dont have the munchies.


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  2. Man the Dbl Cheeseburger McChicken combo is my favorite, but I eat one at a time. That's...uh...somethin else.
  3. i do the exact same thing but at BK

    i get a double stacker, and ask em to put a tender crisp on it. i call it the chicken stacker - 2 patties, 4 bacon, 1 chicken
  4. McGangbang :laughing:
  5. Ugh, that looks like guarenteed shits.
  6. i like the name
  7. yeah the name is pretty awesome... but the mcgangbang itself is delicious
  8. fuck McDonalds. get my ass some BK and do that.

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