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    I was looking at my old medicine bottle because it was a convenient size to make into a sploof. It was empty except for some silica gel packets; now this got me immediately interested, so I did some research on it. Turns out that silica gel has been around since the 1600s, and it was also used in both WW1 and WW2 gas masks. Currently its used in pill bottles to absorb moisture. So I decided I would make a sploof using these silica gel beads. Guess what? It works great!


    -Pill bottle
    -Scissor or knife (to cut the holes out)
    -Silica gel packets (found inside the pill bottle)
    -2 or more drier sheets
    -Cotton Balls

    Take the pill bottle and the silica gel packets;

    And cut the indents on the bottom out;

    Take the cotton balls and make a bottom layer;

    Open up the gel packet and pour the beads out onto a drier sheet;

    Fold it up into a packet;

    Put the packet in the the container;

    Stick another drier sheet in;

    Put in more cotton balls, or just a few if you don't want the cotton balls so close;

    Now you've got a covert sploof that works better than anything else. :hello:

    No smell, very little smoke. Enjoy! :smoke:


    Do not eat the silica gel beads or crush them up into powder for your own safety.
  2. good lookin out u can also use activated carbon
  3. this thread has been validated. that thing is awesomesauce :smoke::smoke:
  4. when I was in J.R. high we use to do this using dryer sheets only and a toilet paper roll and it worked great
  5. Almost zero smoke comes out! No smell except for a hint of drier sheet. Its at zero cost, and works so much better than just a regular sploof.
  6. I haven't tried this, but if it's for real -

  7. try this, its for real, its so awesome :devious:
  8. ne1 else try this? it works so insanely well
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    so after some use, i would recommend not too many cotton balls, makes it a bit tougher to exhale. its so wild, when u exhale, u can feel the beads trapping the smoke cuz its mad hard to blow smoke thru but not regular breath. and literally no smoke comes out :eek:
  10. A+ man, with a scratch and sniff sticker and a free homework pass.

    Some badass out of the box thinking there, and then following it up with research like you did just takes it over the top. I'm definitely going to have to assemble one of these babies and try it out.

  11. i'm gunna try this tomorrow, thats dope if it works. i'll let you know how it goes...
  12. damn i'm glad i don't have to worry about hiding the smell.
  13. well if u still want to have a cleaner area for when u smoke. the silica gel beads are absolutely incredible, be creative with them lol. with a regular sploof u get the dank drier sheet smell and a lot of smoke; this thing takes all the smoke out and leaves almost no smell at all. the silica gel bead sploof will keep ur area smelling like u dont even smoke there :cool:
  14. so this is all good, and props to the op for the silica idea, but does anyone have any ideas of covering the smoke from the bowl itself? i know its not much but there is still smoke rising off the bowl after it gets hit causing a faint mj smell. ideas?
  15. pack smaller so that u clear the bowl in one full hit, no smoke from the top. only wat u put in the sploof
  16. +rep that sit is six
  17. to keep smoke from coming out the bowl cover with a quarter of flat piece of metal
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    Isnt silica gel a desiccant? I don't really see why this would work...


    Silica gel "is irritating to the respiratory tract", "May cause irritation of the digestive tract", and dust from the beads may cause irritation to the skin and eyes, so precautions should be taken.. Some of the beads may be doped with a moisture indicator, such as cobalt chloride, which is toxic and may be carcinogenic. Cobalt chloride is deep blue when dry (anhydrous) and pink when moist (hydrated).

    Crystalline silica dust can cause silicosis but synthetic amorphous silica gel is non-friable, and so does not cause silicosis.

    So enjoy your death I guess?
  19. Yes, its a dessicant, and so is activated carbon- which is the primary active ingredient used in commercially available sploof devices like Smoke Buddy or Sploofy. As long as you only exhale through the tell packets (and dont inhale) , you shoulnt experiencr ant negative health consequences.

    Silica is also used in gas mask resporators as well btw.
  20. Blast from the past yo. You time traveling?
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