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Best telemarketer ever

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Amped, May 14, 2010.

  1. So im pretty stoned and a telemarketer called..He had a strong asian accent and he was like

    HALLO!! THIS IS DUCT AND VENT CLEANING BLAH BLAH BLAH, and i started laughing REALLY HARD. he started laughing and as he was laughing he was like "HAHAHAHAH WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?!?!?!" LOL SO I STARTED LAUGHING MORE. THEN WE WERE BOTH LAUGHING TOGETHER. Then i finally stopped and so did he, and he continued telling me about duct and vent cleaning, and i was very focused and listening. So then he started laughing again he was like "HAHAHHA ARE YOU SLEEPING?" and i was all like "HAHAHHAHAHAHAH NO I WAS LISTENING LMFAO ROFL!!!!!" THEN WE STARTED LAUGHING AGAIN! Then he started talking and laughing at the same time and i was like LMFAO SORRY IM NOT INTERESTED, and he started laughing and said HAHA OKAY BYEE!. Im pretty sure i was on the phone stoned together with a telemarketer :)
  2. hahaah sounds really funny :D
  3. Lol, dude I want what you were smoking. As for the telemarketer, he might as well been high too.
  4. hahah yah i think he was :smoking:
  5. My homeboy works in an "outsourced callcenter" from his house. We schmoke out all the time when he has calls. Some are funny as hell.
  6. Haha i think it was one of those also because it was a normal number not like a 1-800

  7. haha that's the job I'm trying to get. They send you the computer and all the equipment to work on AND you get to pick your hours and work from home.
  8. yeah its a pretty sick job

  9. That sounds awesome. I'd love to sit home and get really high while getting payed to call people haha.
  10. haha this thread made me lol pretty hard
  11. haha thats amazing!

  12. what the fuck is wrong with u :mad:
    u probally eat dogshit bitch ass larry
  13. Haha. that funny...That would be a bomb ass job
  14. I think your description of what happened is funnier than what actually happened.
  15. That looks so much like this dude who took me through my training at my job
  16. That's a hilarious conversation dude haha :smoking:
  17. lol. awesome.
  18. HA awesome. i definitly like the description
  19. hahaha that sounds like an awesome experience!

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