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best super power ever!!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by random_man, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. ok so I was thinking, just thinking and waiting for my "friend" to call me back
    and I thought shit I wish I had a super power
    no wait I wish I had the power to alter the space time continuum in a contained area
    so I wouldnt have to buy my herbs anymore
    just like put the seed in a shallow pool of water then speed it up
    and its started to sprout
    then plant it with one of those things that give it water as it needs it and speed it up
    you could have a full flowering plant in a matter of minutes

    anyone else ever think about this?
    and do you have a better idea for a super power than I do?
  2. You, my friend, must be stoooooonnnneeeedddd

  3. imma have to agree.
    bro, you must be way high :poke:
  4. holy fuck, thats the best power ever! and you could dry it like uber fast too!
  5. Dude your right, sick idea.

    Lets make it happen...
  6. And also cure it to perfection in no time at all! random_man, give me some of what you're smokin' on. :smoke:
  7. nah, dude. believe me i've thought about this shit. you just need the power to produce g sacks by snapping your fingers. any strain any time and you'd never have to carry shit. slang all day for free.
  8. fuck that would be sweet.
  9. Best superhero IMHO... Marijuana Man. Has the ability to get anyone high within a certain amount of distance. Imagine against a villian, just get that mofo high and he wouldn't want to fight or do shit!:smoke:
  10. bullet proof, that be sick to like just do what ever and not get hurt but bullets
  11. Haha this thread is damn good so far. I think the best so far is the snap of fingers make anything appear.. kinda like a genie.

    Being a genie would be the shit.
  12. Snap of the fingers makes any Drug or drug related item.
  13. agree.
  14. But not just drug related items.

    $100 bills
    pet chimpanzee

    etc. etc. hahaha
  15. fuck that I just want to fly.... literally, Just be like,
    "wel I'll see you at home....vrooosh.
  16. ahh ive thought about magically making drugs would KICK ASS mmm that would rock. :smoke:

  17. yes well ur probably really high but i would ahve the smae power btu jsut freeze time then walk into a dealers house and take all of the weed they have, lol that would be more fun and easier sort of i tihnk HAHAHAHHAHAHA
  18. Wouldn't it be funny if he wasn't high? :hello:

  19. TOTALLY !! cause then you could fly to a weed plantation and pick some fucking dank for freeeee
  20. Those are all pretty good, but Ive thought about this a lot and by far the best power would be time manipulation. What I mean by this is that you could stop, start (only stopping would suck), slow down (not speed up, thats just dumb), and go back in time.

    Think about what you could do, pretty much everything and anything. Am I right? :D

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