best sub from Quiznos?

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  1. I always used to get the chicken carbonera back in the day, whats good now though? or is the carb still king?
  2. I'll take that as a yrs
  3. Never eaten there cause there commercials turn me off the food
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  5. Double Cheese Prime Rib. Really a lot of their sub's are bomb. Kicks the s*** out of Subway, for sure.
  6. I ended up just going to Baja Fresh :laughing:
    Chicken taquitos :hippie:
  7. Shoot I've never been to a Quiznos. Do they have a decent philly cheesesteak?
  8. only been to quiznos maybe twice..not really into the whole hot sandwich thang..
  9. Baja chicken on Rosemary parmesan. Your taste buds will thank me later.
  10. I kind of like the mesquite chicken. 
  11. Quiznoz sucks. Been there like five times and the sandwiches are always nasty and expensive compared to other places.
  12. Black Angus steak, with peppers added. That's where it's at :yummy:
  13. I always frequent Jimmy Johns, they make it so quick and I don't know why they taste so fuckin good, probably the amazing bread and quality ingredients.  The club Lulu is my favorite
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    I have one of those down the road from me but have never been? Worth going to?

    I usually get the orginal from Quiznos. Way better tasting than Subway. More expensive though.
  15. I honestly think baja fresh blows chipotle out of the water, the selection alone is awesome. they also have like 10 different kinds of fresh salsa, and their churros are bomb.
    Go when you're starving though, the burritos are as big as your head most likely.
    Never been to Jimmy Johns and they don't deliver to my house so I haven't been there yet. Subway is where I go most of the time. The buffalo chicken sub is my favorite. I got friends that work there and they pack it with more chicken and give me chips and stuff.
  17. Is this only a west coast place? It sounds bomb!
  18. Might be, I know for sure Burgerville is only in OR/WA and that place is sooooo good, I recommend trying it out if you ever make it over here
  19. I just looked it up, and there's one on literally the same street as the hospital I used to work at. I feel pretty dumb now :laughing:
    If it's half as good as In N Out or Whataburger then I'll definitely check it out if I'm there!
  20. I like the Honey Bacon Club because I have a sweet tooth. :D

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