Best Strains to grow indoors 2014

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  1. Hello every one,  Searched around,  haven't found what Im looking for so here it goes,  
        I am trying to switch strains.  Looking for a Sativa with a strong smell.  Fruity smell is ok too.  Most importantly I want something that finishes in 8 weeks and produces a lot of really good bud. Any Ideas?

  2. Do u live in uk or us

  3. In my experience the best sativa leaning hybrids will take at least 9 weeks to finish.
  4. I love growing Original Amnesia and it is very pungent to say the least however it takes 10 to 11 weeks to finish. I don't know of any sativa dominant strains that will finish in 9 with a good yield :(
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    trainwreck,Third dimension, Strawberry cough, nyc diesel all finished for me in 9 week. Yields were not disappointing. Heard that Durban poison can finish 7-8 weeks, i don't have personal experience with dp.
  6. I have found AK-49 is my winter grow indoors,Also any of the Barneys farm auto is great.
  7. Sorry for the late reply,  I completely forgot about this post.  I am in the US.  Thanks for all the input guys.  I didn't know all the good ones took 9.   
  8. Sativas take longer than indicas
  9. Jack the ripper


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  10. go to and use their search engine. they have one you can tailor to exactly what you want from your plant.
  11. you mean  :smoke:
  12. Well kush crosses are taking over the world haha soooo....if you could find a nice sour, diesel or even a cheese or cherry ak47....i like to stay away from the purp word....or kush...even though got one now.....i want my sour diesel and sour rhino back this year....wont happen im sure

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