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Best strains for laughing

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by CountryGirl0112, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. What strains gives everyone the giggles! Looking to buy some new stuff!
  2. Black Jack & Blue Dream. None of which is available here in the Atlantic Ocean....js. (SWE)
  3. Bubblicious it's a uppity buzz and you come up with some funny thoughts.
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  4. First time I got high, I locked myself in my room for like 2-3 hours laughing hysterically non-stop.

    I get so jealous when people get that high in front of me--bastards. I wish I got high like that
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  6. Jilly Bean was always my favourite for this...
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  7. any of them, if you’re in the mindset :)
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  8. For me it's....Strawberry Cough, Laughing Buddha, and Chernobyl.....cheers..!!!
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  9. Anything known as "cali". I laugh at those people paying 5x the moolah for simple herb. Hilarious.
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  10. To
  11. Sour Diesel, though I've heard it can also be particularly akin to Indica strains at some points.
  12. Blackberry Kush and Larry OG (not even sure if Larry OG is a real strain lol just remember I had it couple years ago and it was great)
  13. Cherry pie
  14. I doubt given my experiences that strains other than THC content has anything at all to do with it. Same thing with all the supposed differences between Indica or Sativa as well as the usual weed website strain descriptions. A bunch of BS by those that smoke too much too often with depleted neurotransmitter and CB1 receptor sites and general body chemical imbalances from tolerance build ups.

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