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Best Strains for Chrohn's/cramps/pain

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by brody15, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I promise all of you I did a search, mulitple, read some threads. The Crohn's thread has kinda become something else, so I'm gonna re-ask for some info from all of ya.

    Friend has Crohn's. She smokes weed, a bit. She has had her ilium removed, she is pretty much dependant on pain pills, and she gets the remicade treatments.

    We've been smoking some of the good stuff. I let her try some of the medical grade stuff, and it's helped her. She says she "feels different" when she's high. (She's talking specifically about her pain) It doesn't make the pain go away, but makes it feel different. Any one know what she's talking about?

    She doesn't have appetite problems, she simply can't eat at times.

    I'm thinking of trying to find a really good Indica, but I would be so stoked if someone with some experience shared any strains or anything else that has helped them, so I can share it with her.

    She is a swell chick.

    Thanks folks.
  2. Ok I would take the different to mean tolerable. I have seen people with severe pain who Mj alone will not cure, not even eating it. Its not a cure all wonder drug but one of several options available. If she has no appitite problems then i would recomend trying a good strong sativia. I know hashplant (from BC) has helped some with minor and regular/everyday pain as well keeps the mental paranioa and jitters from sneeking in. For crones cramps it would probley help her being able to move around a little better without the constantly being crippled. While it does not stimulate apitite does help to relax the stomach and other muscles. Of course this depends on alot of factors including the individual person but thats some of my advice. Hope that helps ya.
  3. Thanks for the info.

    We smoked last night. She told me today, that while I was there with her, she had no paim.. Then 15 minutes after I left, she got that doubled over pain. She is getting remicade as we speak. My guess is that she was having a flare up since the remecade was wearing off. The weed helped, and probably being around someone that she cares about makes her forget the pain perhaps.

    I so feel for anyone out there who suffers from Crohn's.
  4. The weed definitely helps my crohns.

    I dont find that a particular strain helps more or less, since they all work wonders. Im sure there are some chronies out there who have a strain of choice tho.

    Heavy indica would probably be the best way to go though, in terms of pain killing. Someone correct me if Im wrong.
  5. I have crohns and this way to go. I do not recommend Remicade! Is dangerous and can shorten your life! This is how I put my crohns into remission. First off I hope she has a good diet when she does eat. To be completely safe, I'm gluten free, dairy free, no nuts or beans, no high fiberous food, and no soft drinks or high sugar or fatty foods. As for strains I recommend full Indicas or Indica dominate strains. Stay away from full sativas because they would only make her focus on her pain. Only until she has her pain completely under control can you start exploring they sativa side. However for now to keep pain under control the list would include:
    Most Kush strains
    Chem Dawg
    White Rhino

    Those are just a few.
  6. Thanks!

    She is kinda stubborn, so I dont want her to think I'm telling her what to do, or create doubt in the way she handles her condition. But she seems to find a food that doesn't upset her stomach, and eats just that. I wish she'd try to go gluten free, she doesn't eat dairy or high fiber foods, her main concern are foods that can block.

    So far, sativas have worked for her. usually sativa dominant hybrids. Sativas are definitely not hurtng her, but there could be someting in what you're saying about making her concentrate on her pain.
    We'll try some indicas.
  7. I also have Crohn's and have to go with the others when they recommend indicas. I would recommend a kush for her cramps, especially blueberry kush as I find it to completely eliminate the pain.

    Recreationally, I prefer sativas but there really is no denying that they pack the medicating punch of a good indica when dealing with gastrointestinal disorders.

    Recently I've been smoking some really nice Blueberry haze and even though it's a hybrid and it's extremely dank, I find that in comparison to the BC kush I've been getting (100% indica) that the two strains aren't even really comparable in terms of their medicating abilities.

    I'm 100% sure your friend will have more success from indicas. Tell her to take it from other Crohn's patients who deal with this disorder everyday: pot is truly the best medicine I have found so far for my condition, and I have tried many.
  8. I'm thinking granddaddy purple, popular around these parts doesn't get you too tired and "heavy" feeling, and we'll see how it effects her pain.
  9. try medical quality Jedi Kush, bull rider, or Mango. All are indica dominants. Mango was more of a hybrid. The Jedi and Bull were very strong body highs and very potent.

  10. Hi my name is bubba i have crohn's and i had 2 bowel resections over the years im 39 and i started using cannabis at 9 and i take no meds from the doctors i started growing in 1999 the northern lights and blueberry is what i first started with strawberry cough is also a good strain burmese kush.
    super silver haze also i like sativa in the am. and indica in the really need to try different strains till you find what works the best for her. cheese by big buddah is another good one for pain
    i still like the northern light blueberry i still have it growing to this day . i also like the tangerine dream
    from barney's farm and vortex from tga my 2 favorite sativas. AK47 is another great strain for pain and it helps you eat. i wish your friend the best of luck with her crohn's BUBBAX420
  11. if ur 39 u should smoke 39 simple as that
  12. for the 47 you should just wait another 8 years
  13. Has she tried any tinctures? I would think these to be a better choice, they last much longer than smoking. As most are saying Indica would be my choice also, i would have to recommend Sweet Tooth pretty much a KO punch for pain. Good luck and it sounds like you just need to chill with her more often...
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    for pain i like mazar and thinkin to try darkstar purple kush x mazar
  15. Get a indica dominant strain for pain. If u can bake something for her my mom complained about her arm pain and i gave her cookies she said it made it feel better and everyday since she's been eating bits f the cookie i have to make her more
  16. get one of thenew cbd rich strains like diamonds#1
  17. butane hash or some kind of oil ive heard is the best reliever of chrons related ailments.
  18. I don't have Crohn's, but I do have pretty severe IBS and another friend with Crohn's, so I can definitely empathize. This is what I use cannabis to relieve, though. It helps better than any pharmaceutical, with no side-effects. :D

    I use (vaporize) Shishkaberry on a daily basis, as well as Violet Delight (doesn't work as well, but it's less stoney). Both are a Blueberry cross (or so my grower says) and I hear Blueberry is generally a good strain for digestive issues. It is also indica dominant, so I agree with the rest of the crowd here on indicas. I would recommend you try eating it for longer pain relief, though, and maybe Rick Simpson oil if you can get it. I know smoking/vaping is great for instant, but you might get better results from ingesting if your system can handle it. You lose alot when smoking/vaping...eating it is more efficient and you keep some cannabinoids that really make a difference.

    Take it easy! I hope this helps. :smoke:
  19. Get a indica dominant strain for pain.
  20. haze is very good

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