best strain to start with for 1st time grower

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  1. Hey all. I'm a medical patient out here in California and was thinking about starting to grow. I was kind of curious on what would be the best strain to start out with that wouldn't give me much trouble. I've been thinking of maybe going towards Ak-47 or Durban Poison. Any tips would help. I'm going to be growing in my closest which is a space of 2x8.

  2. It real depends on what you got... I know though that Northern Lights is a great strain for first time growers!
  3. A not too tall strain, so no sativa's i guess...
    Most indica's are abit smaller.
    The northernlight doesn't smell alot so that might
    be i good choice.
    Because beginner-growers aren't that patient, i
    would start with a fast maturing strain, like top44 or
    maybe you can give ruderalis strains a try.
    There are lots of strains you can choose from...
    Check out some seedbanks to find a strain that fits you.

    hope to be helpfull
  4. ive been smokeing for 29 years and only med weeds the last 3years after being 3/4 blinded by a head injury!try misty or nl stronger! try tundra or romulan!jack herrers is smooth as well!most med is grow in soil and organic!and is not rush in the cureing stages!take your time and it well pay off!good luck tazz11
  5. Northern Lights

    • small(about 4 feet tall)
    • relatively high yield
    • natural fungus resistance
    • affordable seeds (from most banks)
    • and it tastes good too !

  6. Ruederalis ,,,are you serious,,,have you done any research on those varieties?,,,do so ,,it may change your view.

  7. Seirously... I think I actually got an eigth of ruderalis once (I was desperate and it was $5) It took like four bowls (through a 2 chambered water bong... so it wasn't that terrible) to get me somewhat fuctup and there was about 30-40 seeds in the sack. It might be an interesting thing to work with though... Like if you could breed (or whatever) it to be somewhat potent (like 4% thc) maybe it would be really easy to grow...

    Anyway, what do you guys think of cinderella 99 for the first time? I don't know how easy to grow it is, but it's supposed to be a pretty short stature, low odor, high potency, sativa high strain...
    Really I'm just not too sure about Northern Lights cause it's so Indica and I'm not too into the whole couch-lock thing... I just want something around 50-50 sativa/indica (or more sativa than indica in any case...)
  8. does anyone grow it but instead of selling what you grow YOU smoke it yourself???

  9. No man.., EVERYONE who grows in the privacy of there own home is a straight up weed dealer...
  10. Alot of the senior members on this site grow for theirselves, thats what i am doing, but im not senior member. Remember man, you can't beat free bud! Plus keep that grow a secret! "Loose lips sink ships"
  11. why not grow bag seed
  12. you could try shiva shanti 2 (sensi seeds)i've grown it myself and used it on my first grow in soil.and it's not a bad smoke either
  13. Well, AK47 seems like an easy grow for me. It even has a slight smell 3 weeks in :O It's amazing. It grows quite easy, and it's a indica/sativa mix. It has also one 7 cannabis cup awards so you know it's quality. I had a few troubles starting my grow with AK47 but that was due to my inexperience. I recommend AK-47 or Northern Lights. Both are good picks.

  14. How did your grow go, I wanna know as much as possible about this strain. I have only heard good things though :O

  15. may not be the best bud but they get you stoned im thinking of growing 5 autoflowers while i wait for my gro to finish
  16. I'm no expert but from experience Id advise against autos for a first time grow. I know theres like a 50 50 split on peoples views on it, but hear me out!

    People think growing autos is so much easier because they dont have to change lighting schedule to start the flowering, but you can start flower on a photoperiod as soon as its veging, like 4 days in!!! INFACT you can finnish a photo QUICKER than an auto if you do it right!
    also its easier on electricity to go 12/12 than 24/0. know it aint a biggy but just thought id throw it out there. shorter light means you wont have to worry about overheating as much. if youre out in the day aswell you can fit the lights around you so you can have access at all times its on just incase shit catches on fire.

    as NdicaBud put it, autoflowers are decent bud X Ruderalis! Sure its gunna get you stoned (and we allllllll want that!) but think about the quality youd have if you took out the ruderalis! come on man its ditch weeeeeed

    then theres the ''oh but autos are small and stealth'' argument. If you want small, you can get small! Go indica, lst that shit, it'll be small. you'll get better yields from a normal than an auto plant the same size in my experience.

    none of this is directed directly at anyone, just thought id maybe throw out some ofmy opinions for first timer growers, auto thinking auto XD
  17. HAHA just seen how old this thread is!

    So im not a dickhead!?
  18. haha, I was just geting ready to suggest and realized this thread is old as fuck, lmfao!:bolt:

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