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Best strain for social anxiety?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Noxnoctum, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Alright so I smoked weed for the first time this past summer and loveeeeed it :hello:

    Got high like 30 times and always had a blast.

    I know some people say weed makes their anxiety feel worse but that wasn't the case for me, and I'm pretty sure the shit we were smoking was just schwag cause we were in fucking Maryland (pot capital lol :rolleyes:). And the guys I was with (experienced stoners) were saying how they "couldn't even get fucking mids"... which I take it meant what we were smoking wasn't exactly dank :cool:

    Anyways... even though it helped I could kinda still feel my underlying insecurities and bullshit, and I was wandering what the best strains are to stop obsessive thoughts and social anxiety.

    I've heard strawberry cough is good but I googled it and it was like 99 GBP on some website for 10 seeds!!

    I've already got some white widow on the way from a dude I traded some JWH to but I wanna try to grow a specific "anti-anxiety" strain too to see how it compares. Plus I'm just eager to sample all the different varieties from the wonderful world of pot! :smoking:

    thanks guys.

    Oh and kind of an aside... is it possible that weed can permanentally "mellow you out" even when you're not on it? Once my grow is finished I planned to get stoned out of my mind all day every day (I'm extremely extremely depressed and weed is the only thing that's ever worked) for well... a while. But one day I'd love to be able to not have to rely on ANYTHING to feel happy and normal and social and just be able to smoke purely for fun, like at parties and stuff.

    Is it possible pot can "cure" anxiety and self esteem issues? To the point where you feel better even when you're not on it? No bullshit please, I love weed already and all so you don't need to convince me :smoking:.
  2. you def want indica strains i have the same shit and it works but as far as the rest i dunno
  3. From my own personal experiences with anxiety, I would say there's no specific strain that can really "fix" it or stop it from happening.
    Maybe when you're a new smoker, different strains may affect your anxiety a little differently. But I've been smoking for over 5 years, with anxiety, and every strain I've tried has pretty much the same effect.

    Pot does increase my anxiety when I don't smoke quite as much... For me, not smoking "quite as much" means maybe once a day.
    When I smoke more often, I get less anxiety when I do smoke. I guess because I get used to the overall "stoned feeling" and it doesn't change my state of mind quite as much.

    I would say "no" to this, if only from my own personal experience.
    I've found pot to generally increase my anxiety, though it seems the more often I smoke the less that happens.
    If I were to quit smoking today, I'm sure I would still feel the same amount of anxiety that I feel when I don't smoke at all.

    It's not gonna cure you, man. To cure your social anxiety, you'd probably have to either look into a medical treatment for it (which I've so far refused to do because I don't want to take a daily pill for the rest of my life), or look deep inside yourself and try to solve the issues that are causing you to have anxiety.

    I feel your pain, though. Anxiety is a bitch. Feel free to PM me if you ever need to chat with someone about it. :smoking:
  4. im gonna have to disagree with the poster above me yes there are other underlining problems but try strawberry cough or shishkaberry they seem to work good for friends of mine who have a similar problem

  5. Oh no worries my friend, you are free to disagree! ;)

    I've had shishkaberry (it comes around here about once a year), but it's always affected me the same as any other weed.

    Granted, I do smoke daily and often, so what strain it is doesn't seem to change the "high" at all for me anymore.
    It might be different for newer smokers, but I think in the long-term a specific stain wouldn't really solve anything.

    At least for me. :p
  6. I was never officially diagnosed with social anxiety but after researching my symptoms it definitely seemed like that's what I had. I eventually went on Effexor (anti depressant) for it, which seemed to help. As to the question about weed, I found strawberry cough to help. Luckily one of my close friends was growing some so he hooked me up.

    I don't think weed will ever 'cure' social anxiety, but it could definitely give you the push in the right direction you need to get out there in the world and face your fears of being judged in public. I found weed helped lower my anxiety so it was much easier to be in social situations.

    It's a heck of a mission, but I can honestly say I'm a better person for beating my inner demons. Best of luck, I know you can do it man!!
  7. I definitely wouldn't sugguest Blue Dream, makes you stupid for hours.

    I've heard Strawberry Cough is good, and I know from experience that any Purples will do you justice.

    Hope you get it all solved, best of luck. :)
  8. I find that when I smoke before I sleep, the next day is actually when i have the most lowered anxiety.

    And like the other guy when i smoke tons and get used to the high i dont get as anxious too
  9. Might just be in my head but i think the Blueberry X Headband i got made me a talkative son-of-a-bitch my first day o school:D was high as fuck all day today making friends left and right!

    Picked up a guy in hte parking lot, It was pouring rain, drove him to his car.... guy ended up smoking me out and blows glass. he told me all about the glass blowing class at my school that i have for the first time tomorrow, today was so random.......:smoking:

  10. Wouldn't suggest it?

    Wait so why did you bring it up lol? :cool:
  11. The most relaxing herb I have ever smoked has to be the Grand Daddy Purple (GDP). The high is not super strong and its good for those with low tolerance or who tend to get anxiety after smoking. The high doesn't last very long but it helps you chill out and really helps with the anxiety for hours after smoking.

    I picked up some Strawberry Cough at my local dispensary but it seems like any other Sativa to me. Does not help much with the anxiety.
  12. i agree with frost, ive smoked strawberry cough an IT DOSE HELP EASE anxiety
  13. THC makes me freak out a bit. I need to smoke high CBD/low THC, unfortunately it's VERY hard to obtain. Until weed is legalized, I can't smoke

  14. getting out and being social is the cure for social anxiety
  15. Some argue that marijuana offers only a temporary relief, as the active ingredient THC wears off in a short time. Though many users are  advocating for its use. Like many anxiety relief drugs,marijuana gives instant relaxation from this anxiety attack.As far as best strain is concerned, people have different opinion.
  16. I believe weed can cure social anxiety in the same way a pharmaceutical anti-depressant will (but much more effectively). That is, if while taking an anti-depressant like Effexor, social anxiety is controlled, then taking it for a while teaches you how to handle situations without feeling social anxiety. Similarly, if weed controls social anxiety, after using it for awhile, your social anxiety subsides and you have learned how to handle the condition; you should no longer feel too much anxiety even when not using cannabis.
  17. Look at sativas, headband is pretty good, makes me go from really quiet to very chatty with people

    Girl scout cookies 😌
  18. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1405800163.174412.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1405800182.087825.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1405800163.174412.jpg

    Master kush/ grandfire og

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  19. When I smoke it and i'm high, I am happy. I stay happy even when I come down from the high, as long as I have more waiting for me! But when I come down and have none and cant get none, the depression sets in.

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