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Best Strain for PTSD

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Totah Sam, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. I just got my card in NM (almost impossible) and I was wondering what's the best strain to treat PTSD?
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    I second this question! This will be very useful for me, thanks for the help in advanced!
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    I did some mediocre research and came up empty handed, but if I had to guess id say any 100% indica strain, maybe ask your local club clerk? Im assuming you mean for sleep with PTSD, im not educated too much about PTSD but from what ive heard and read it mostly happens at night when sleeping, indica helps me and many others sleep so thatd probably be your best bet.
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    Maybe Sour Diesel or Northern Lights. Sour Diesel isn't 100% Indica but it does have a very stoney Indica type buzz to it.

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    You can google marijuana symptoms list to find lists of conditions and what strain helped someone. I did this here is the result:

    Low ryder
    Phaght Betty
    Purple Kush
    White Widow
    White Widow x Big Bud

    Now this is sort of random that some people have claimed they were helped by these strains, but you never know until you try. It probably will be an Indica strain that helps.

    Edit: well I did find these lists when I googled that, but I don't see them there now. I copied the lists to put into a database so I can post them in a thread.

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    Nice to get legal, isn't it? I suffer PTSD in addition to the medical issues that got me approved here in CO. I have found, like suggested here, that indica strains work better for me with PTSD - problem is with PTSD when it is resurfaced and surging my head is too wired, too alive - so, indica strains slow that down, ease it up. Sativa strains on other hand tend to rev me up mentally and I do not need that when I am suffering some aspect of PTSD. Other times, just the ticket.

    Within those two giant indica and sativa camps - along with the hybrid camp melding the two - lie any number of strains available for us from many gifted growers. Getting to know them, and how they work with and help me, is an elevation for me of my cannabis use, benefit and appreciation to what it always should have been save for the sad legal restrictions we are but emerging from.

    What I did was go to a few dispensaries and get a variety of indica and sativa strains to sample from (a bunch of 1/8ths) and build my own "what works" for me. Now I have a nice medicine bag if you will to choose from depending on what is going on and what I seek. A wonderful and proper approach to a most wonderful medicinal herb.


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