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Best strain for pacific northwest?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by BHamBudzNW, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Hey grass city!

    This will be my second outdoor grow. I live up in Bellingham in Washington state. Last summer I put out 20 plants and did a few different strains. Cheesecake, deep purple, rand daddy purps, critical mass, and orange. I was not happy with the results we got from 80% of the plants we put out, we got 4 pounds total. Our spot is PREMIUM at 500 feet above sea level, and runs parallel to a mountain spring for easy water access all summer, and sits On an east west facing slope with sun exposure from sunrise to sunset.
    My question is
    Are there any strains you would suggest for a more damp climate, and cold fall temperatures. Stem rot becomes a huge problem towards late September- mid October. So the strain has to e a quick flowerer ad be mold resistant. I don't have much experience with outdoor as all my indoor strains have a rough time in cooler climates.
  2. Marijuana is a good strain
  3. I grow tomatoes.
  4. My favorite tomatoes to grow down here in mendo are sun golds...dunno how they'd do up there tho.

    I did grow some purple kush last year...now I vegged these indoor and put them out to flower in early Sept and harvested early Nov. We had rain and temps dipping into the high 30's at night and low 60's high 50's during the day. No mold...no problems...not a huge yield but some very quality smoke.
  5. Good to know, I Have access to purple kush cuts so that's good news. I was also thinking pine berry would work up here. It's a 50 day strain that claims to be mould resistant.
  6. Have you thought about a greenhouse...might solve some problems...
  7. This is a guerrilla grow.... I have a greenhouse t my dads thy we use for his medical supply. We never have issues in the greenhouse, I wish I could set one up on the mountain without being noticed. Haha
  8. You can get a small weather guard thing and set that up. As long as you're place is secure it works. I pop mine up late in flower when rain comes
  9. Do you have a link you can post me?? This sounds perfect for my location. We are bordering a tree line so it should stay out of sight. We only have problems after September when the rain really starts to move in.
  10. I am on my phone so I don't know how to copy and paste. Just google portable greenhouse for wal mart or home depot. Depending on the size you need they range from 150 to 400. Fairly easy to put up and take down, but they are not massive. Biggest I think I saw was 20 ft by 20 ft for 400. I think most are only like 8ft height too. I got the 10x10 for 216 and it covers quite a bit. anything that can't fit in I cover with clear plastic trash bags with holes poked in it.
  11. Mid west here right by the great lakes and strains I've grown with good results are
    Early riser
    Timewarp F5
    Blueberry x skunk (mid Oct)
    I like most BBC crosses
    Haven't grown her but herd biddy early was a good choice.
  12. hambudz im interested as well. is there a constant humidity of 70-100% most days where u live?
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    Autoflowers planted early in the season might help ya out u canharvest beforethe rain and they stay small. man 4 from 20 plants thats super weak just one of my 65 gallons pulled 4 pounds last yearlol. Ur not managingur grow properly.
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    Most Blueberry and Afghan crosses. Basically any Indica dom. that has a good resistance to mold.
    Or autos but you would need a substantial amount of plants depending on what you would like to yield.
  15. what this guy said
  16. Mandala seeds Satori.
    going to be growing this one myself
    28% THC tested

    the genetics are Nepal so it will handle the weather nicely as long as soil is well draining
  17. Do an auto flower.
  18. Or blue widow is a good mold resister.

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