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Best Strain for Outdoors in Florida.

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by BananaFace., Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Before you put me in my place, yes, I know, I have searched the forums already. Thoroughly.

    I was going to start a grow around early April/May as soon as the temperatures are optimum for MJ growing here. I tried a grow last year with some bagseed, but all of the 10-15 plants died because of high humidity and heat, from being left alone for about 2 days without H20. I was looking to ask what would be the best MJ strain that could tolerate and prosper through high temperatures without getting bud rot or mold from the high humidity. I've looked at Dutch strains that are mold-resistant, but I have yet to find a strain that specifically says that it can live in high temperatures or within southern U.S. latitudes. Any beneficial help on the subject from anyone of you would be great.
  2. Florida has a good climate for growing as I grew my first last year in central florida. Grew two strains that both did well and I didn't start until the beginning of July. Both plants got around 48" and produced a couple oz's. Not bad for my first time I think.

    I think any strains will do well in our climate as we get plenty of rain and the temps stay in the mid-90's. I'm trying lowryder and northern lights this year so I'll give a report.

    Good luck.
  3. Sativa is what you need, tropical.
  4. I was also trying to find something of high quality and Kali Mist is the best looking strain I've found so far. It's of 90% sativa genetics, as well.

    Kali Mist Link.
  5. i lived in florida for a lot of my life... any strong outdoor strain will survive fine pretty much anywhere
  6. Kali Myst, Durban Poison, C99, Haze, hell even Mexican Shwag seeds will give you some pretty decent Sativa buds if you grow 'em right (don't let them pollinate, give them room, etc.)

    Basically if the strain's above 75% sativa it'll do pretty damn well in your climate. Just pick out some bagseed that gave you more of a "buzzy" high than a "sleepy" one.

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