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Best strain for anxiety disorder?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by andrew256, Jul 12, 2009.

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    I have anxiety and I don't like pharmaceuticals. I have been smoking Strawberry Cough for months and it has been really good medicine for me. Apparently, it has dried up because of the two local growers here that grew it, one quit growing and the other moved away. What other strains are good for anxiety?
  2. Ive heard cinderella 99 (c99) and Flo are good strains, flo is supposed to be real motivational high, and c99 is low anxiety as well.

    personally ive had sum blueberry and that shit is nice and chill, long lasting upp high depending on the cure it can be a little more on the couchlock side tho

    ak 47 makes you forget what anxiety is alltogether lol
  3. Sativa works well for my anxiety. AK47, Northern Lights, Headband are a few strains that I know helps with my anxiety.
  4. Sure wish I could get some of these strains.
  5. Agreed. Anxiety sucks. Just about any weed will calm me down. But something specific for anxiety would be pro. :D
  6. Normally I would agree with you :yummy: but my wife is another story. She has suffered from anxiety and panic disorder since '97. Good info in this thread on the stuff that works for others....I'll pass it on to her.
  7. Strawberry Cough is the only strain that was developed for use as anti-anxiety medicine...
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    I must have gotten a bad batch of strawberry cough cause I've had it before and it actually made my anxiety worse.

    I have my mmj card for anxiety. I find that it's usually hit or miss with strains, at least for me. It has been known that Indica's are better for those with anxiety. But sometimes even a strong indica can get my heart racing and make me uncomfortable. Everyone's different. So try out some indica's. I've had good luck with "Master Kush" and "Mr Nice Guy". I also enjoyed "Cotton candy x Romulan", which is a hybrid. "Satori" is a strain which is used medically for anxiety and depression. If you find that give it a shot (I have not had it yet though, never see it anywhere!)

    If I remember some more of the strains that work well for me i'll paste them here.

    I'll throw a few tips your way though.. this is what helps me:

    - Be in a comfortable setting when smoking, staying positive and occupied, not bored (keeps your mind from going wild and leading to anxious thoughts)

    - Space out your hits (i.e don't smoke 5 bowls to your dome in one sesh). I found it helps when taking 1-2 hits then waiting a bit before having more. Keeps your tolerance down too. I've been smoking for almost 6 years now (pretty much daily) and a couple big ones can go a long way.

    - Vaporize. Not sure if there is any science behind this or whatever but I tend to be less anxious when vaporizing. More of a smooth ride, and it helps that my throat doesn't get fucked and I feel healthier lol.

    - Get stuff done before smoking so you don't have to stress about it. If I have too much shit to do and smoke I get anxious and overwhelmed thinking about what I haven't taken care of that day.

    ^sorry if that was too much info or whatever, just trying to help cause I know how much it sucks. good luck!
  9. Cak has some good ideas there
    i have an anxiety disorder and some of the best strains for me are master kush and bubblegum kush and try smoking and doing something like playing videogames to take your mind off everything

  10. fucking quoted for headband helping with anxiety

    I managed to get some here in NC and It did wonders for my anxiety. Havnt seen it since then. Anyone want to drive some out to me? ;)

  11. i did not know this

    but i was going to say that the best i have encountered that helped me, was definitely strawberrry cough!
  12. Ya defiantly a good strain. I just picked it up today. I just realized though that I said headband is a sativa. Its a hybrid and I think its close to 50/50 almost but I have heard that it is an indica dominant strain.
  13. here you go buddy..everything you need to know..

    Medical Cannabis List

    2009-03-11 (水) 02:53:18 (167d)
    Medical Cannabis List

    ADHD / Growdoc Seeds


    Afghani #1 / Sensi Seeds

    insomnia, emotional lability


    sleep disorder


    Nausea, pain

    Afghanie x Haze

    Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

    AK-47 / Serious Seeds

    pain relief, daydream, stress, nausea, depression, insomnia, headache

    Akorn aka Snowbud / T.H.Seeds

    neurosis, stress, pain relief

    Alien Train Wreck


    Apollo 13

    Back pain

    Auntie Em

    Crohn's Disease, multiple sclerosis

    Aurora B

    Nausea, joint pain, arthritis

    Amnesia Haze / FMMSC

    depressive disorder, appetite stimulation

    Bahia Black Head / KC Brains

    insomnia, backache


    Insomnia, joint pain

    Big Bang

    Used to sedate and relieve stress & anxiety amongst sufferers of severe anxiety,etc.

    Big Kahuna

    Herniated disc pain, arthritis

    Black on Blue Widow

    HIV, back pain

    Black Vietnamese

    Nausea, muscle spasms, pain

    Blue Fruit

    Crohn's Disease, muscle spasms


    gastrointestinal disorder

    Black Domina / Sensi Seeds

    gastrointestinal disorder, insomnia, emotional lability

    Blue Satellite

    Pain, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, muscle tension

    Blue Satellite x Jack Herer

    Depression, nausea


    chronic pain, arthralgia, muscle pain, diarrhea, muscle spasm, menstrual spasm, insomnia, emotional lability, AIDS, nausea, gastrointestinal disorder, stomach trouble, anorexia, depressive disorder, anxiety neurosis

    Blue Moonshine

    anxiety neurosis, Anxiety, depression, insomnia

    Bog Sour Bubble

    Pain, anxiety

    Bonzo Bud

    Body pain, migraine



    Bubba Kush

    relax, pain relief
    social anxiety disorder

    Bubble Gum / Serious Seeds

    anxiety neurosis, nausea, depressive disorder


    Migraine, depression

    Burmese kush

    Anxiety, depression

    Burmese x Fu*cking Incredible

    pain relief, spasm

    Butterscotch Hawaiian

    insomnia, emotional lability




    Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

    Cinderella 99

    ADD, ADHD, Nausea

    C99 x Great White Shark



    Pain, nausea, insomnia



    Citrus Skunk / FMMSC

    depressive disorder
    pain relief


    AIDS, stomach trouble, anorexia, chronic pain, anxiety neurosis
    "not good for cancer pain"

    Cripple Creek / Tom Hill Seeds

    depressive disorder, Ankylosing Spondilitis, Hepatitis C, Degenerative Disc Disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Interstitial Cystitis, Chronic Rotator Cuff Disease

    Chronic / Serious Seeds

    chronic pain

    Deep Chunk

    Joint pain, insomnia


    Asthma, Crohn's Disease, Hepatitis C

    El Nino

    Nausea, insomnia

    Fieldale Haze

    Anxiety, back pain

    Fig Widow

    Back pain, psychosis


    Anxiety, depression, nausea

    G13 / FMMSC

    depressive disorder, appetite stimulation, pain, ADD, ADHD

    G13 x HP

    Nausea, joint pain, insomnia

    Ganesh / Mandala Seeds

    anxiety neurosis, depressive disorder


    Arthritis, Hepatitis C, pain, nausea

    Green Queen

    Epilepsy, neck/spine pain

    Green Spirit x Timewarp x Herijuana

    RLS, insomnia, migraine, joint pain

    Green Spirit

    Nausea, headache, body pain

    Hashberry / Mandala Seeds

    anxiety neurosis, sleep disorder


    ADD, ADHD, depressive disorder

    Herijuana / Woodhorse Seeds

    pain relief, backache, muscle spasm, nausea, insomnia

    Herijuana x Trainwreck

    Diabetic neuropathy, joint pain, insomnia, multiple sclerosis

    Himalayan Gold / Greenhouse Seeds

    pain relief, relax

    Hindu Kush

    social anxiety disorder

    Ice Princess x Bubblegum


    Jack Herer / Sensi Seeds

    anxiety neurosis, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, fibromyalgia

    Juicy Fruit

    Insomnia, joint pain, anxiety

    Kalichakra / Mandala Seeds

    backache, pain relief, anxiety neurosis, depressive disorder

    Kali Mist

    Nausea, depression

    Kal-X / T.H.Seeds

    nausea, sleep disorder, appetite stimulation, body pain

    Killer Queen

    Depression, back pain

    Krinkle x Kush x Freezeland

    multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms



    Magic Crystal

    Migraine, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, depression, seasonal affective disorder symptoms, mania, nausea

    Mandala #1 / Mandala Seeds

    stress, neurosis, anorexia, stomachache, panic disorder, nausea


    Back pain, nausea

    Mango x Northern Lights # 5

    Pain, nausea, insomnia, anxiety



    Matanuska Tundra

    pain relief

    Matanuska Mint / Sagarmatha Seeds

    pain relief

    Medi Kush / FMMSC

    depressive disorder, insomnia, multiple sclerosis
    pain relief

    Medifem SS / FMMSC

    pain relief, appetite stimulation

    Medicine Woman

    Diabetic neuropathy, general pain, general seizures, glaucoma, Hepatitis C, muscle spasms, nausea, radiculopathy

    Mexican Sativa / Sensi Seeds

    depressive disorder


    Hepatitis C, back pain, insomnia, nausea

    Motarebel Oguana Kush

    Nerve Pain, muscle spasms, back pain, headache, insomnia


    Insomnia, migraine, pain

    NL #5 Haze / FMMSC

    pain relief, appetite stimulation



    Northern Light Special / KC Brains

    generalized anxiety disorder, sleep disorder

    Northern Lights

    Anxiety, radiculopathy, insomnia

    Northern Lights # 1


    Northern Lights # 2

    Nausea, insomnia

    Northern Lights #5

    social anxiety disorder

    Northern Lights x Jamaican


    Northern Lights x Cinderella 99


    Northern Lights x Shiva

    Body pain, back pain, toothache

    N.Y.C Diesel / Soma Seeds

    severe pain, neuropathic pain, incontinence

    NYC Sour Diesel

    Edema, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, radiculopathy

    Lady Liberty / Liberty Seeds

    pain relief, stress

    Leda Uno


    Legends Ultimate Indica / Legends Seeds

    arthralgia, muscle pain, Insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome

    Legends Ultimate Indica x Herijuana

    Muscle spasms, pain

    Lemon Chemo

    Insomnia, back pain, migraine

    Lemon Haze

    Restless legs syndrome, chronic fatigue


    pain relief, antiinflammation, backache, muscle relaxation, Nausea, headache, insomnia


    Cachexia, degenerative bone/disc disease, edema, general pain, general seizures, glaucoma, migraine, multiple sclerosis, nausea, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


    Nausea, pain, headache


    Nausea, anxiety, depression, headache

    OG Kush

    social anxiety disorder, Sleep, pain relief

    Oregon 90

    Insomnia, joint pain, Restless legs syndrome, pain, nausea

    Original Mystic


    Peace Maker / FMMSC

    depressive disorder, arthritis, multiple sclerosis

    Phaght Betty

    Cachexia, degenerative bone/disc disease, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Purple Kush

    appetite stimulation, good sleep
    "not good for headache and migraine"

    Queen Bee

    Neck/spine pain


    sleep, small muscle relaxation , pain relief, chronic pain, social anxiety disorder

    Sadhu / Mandala Seeds

    relax, stress, neurosis

    S.A.G.E. / T.H.Seeds

    dyspepsia, insomnia, muscle pain, arthralgia

    Santa Maria

    AIDS, stomach trouble, anorexia

    Satori / Mandala Seeds

    depressive disorder
    this strain can ease sleep disorders from auto-immune diseases and Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).

    Sensi Star / Paradise Seeds

    pain relief, backache, muscle spasm, calm, relax, Migraine

    Silver Haze / Sensi Seeds


    Shiskaberry x Dutch Treat

    Migraine, anxiety, insomnia, nausea

    Shiskaberry x Hash Plant

    Anxiety, nausea


    depressive disorder, Nausea

    Skunk NL / FMMSC

    the high CBG content makes it very good against high blood pressure

    Snow White

    Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

    Sour Cream

    Insomnia, joint pain, nausea

    Sour Diesel / Reservoir Seeds

    severe pain, neuropathic pain, incontinence

    Speed Queen / Mandala Seeds

    depressive disorder, anxiety neurosis

    Stardust 13

    Pain, nausea, insomnia

    Strawberry Cough

    anxiety neurosis, back pain, depression

    Strawberry Haze / Greenhouse Seeds

    depressive disorder, anxiety neurosis

    Super Impact

    Nausea, insomnia, muscle pain, depression, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder symptoms, mania, mania

    Super Impact x AK-47

    Pain, insomnia

    Super Silver Haze

    incontinence, appetite stimulation, nausea, neuropathic pain, depression

    Super Thai


    Sweet Blu

    Degenerative bone/disc disease, diabetic neuropathy, edema, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, nausea, neck/spine pain

    Sweet Tooth # 3





    neuropathic pain, incontinence, insomnia, emotional lability, Anxiety, arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, depression

    Trainwreck x Herijuana


    TW x LUI

    Arthritis, nausea


    Arthritis, asthma, general pain, general seizures, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis

    Ultra Green



    Anxiety, nausea, insomnia

    Williams Wonder / Reservoir Seeds

    insomnia, emotional lability

    White KC / KC Brains

    pain relief

    White Russian / Serious Seeds

    chronic pain, nausea

    White Rhino

    nausea, body pain, back pain, joint pain, insomnia
    used with great success as pain relief, against multiple sclerosis, and as a sleeping aid

    White Satin / Mandala Seeds

    anxiety neurosis, insomnia

    White Widow

    pain relief, depressive disorder, pain relief, appetite stimulation, Cachexia, Hepatitis C, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    White Widow x Big Bud


    8 Miles High / Mandala Seeds

    appetite stimulation, lethargy, depressive disorder

  14. ^^ holy shit man

    That's wholesome :D
  15. Excellent find hellaxgood
  16. That table is the best thing I have ever seen! I have tried a number of those strains and in my opinion, the effects listed are pretty accurate. I suffer from anxiety issues as well and I just picked up some strawberry cough on a whim yesterday. I generally don't like sativas because they can make my anxiety worse, but SC is so uplifting and euphoric that it doesn't make me anxious. It helps that it gives a nice body high as well, it makes me feel like I'm wrapped in a blanket or something.

    I thought that bubba kush worked really well for my anxiety also.

  17. I have anxiety too, sativas are the best. Like Sour Deisel, New York Deisel, Blue Dream, White Widdow, Panama Red, etc. Any sativa remember!!!!
  18. I finally just had to tell myself, "Fuck it," and toke up... I was so spooked to smoke MJ...Just felt like I couldn't handle the high, but now I'm like fuck it, who gives a shit...thousands of people smoke this shit, alot so it may help them, and nobody has ever died from it or gotten brain damaged...so...FUCK IT.

    BTW - I'm floating now...off some heavy ass indica I'm sure cause I feel couch locked.

  19. That's great!!! Keep that kind of state of mind and you will never get anxiety. That's how I beat it!:hello:
  20. do you have some sort of evidence for this claim? to my knowledge SC is a strain that originated in and has been grown in Vermont for well over a decade....

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